Labels for automatic email segmentation

With Atomic Email Service you can create a custom label system for effective and automatic mailing list segmentation.

"Label" means the keyword/keyphrase for detecting the necessary – labeled – email addresses among all the addresses in the address book.

Specify the labels on uploading mailing lists into a new or existing address book. The defined label is unrequired and valid for currently uploaded email addresses only. Such kind of option is available to simplify the list segmentation.

When viewing the address book the column "Labels" with specified labels is displayed. Their number is unlimited and depends on your requirements.

Note. If there are no labeled email addresses in the current address book then the specific column is not displayed.


What is the way to use labels?

In the process of creating an email campaign select the necessary address book. Then define the email addresses with the help of drop-down list: all, without label or labeled (the keyword/keyphrase you set is used).

Therefore you do not need to sort mailing lists manually. Just specify the label on segmenting the current list and select the necessary label for email campaign you create. Atomic Email Service will send the campaign to the labeled recipients' addresses. All the other addresses will be ignored by the service.

Campaign statistics are also segmented. This means that you can view the labeled addresses' statuses – the separate statistics segment.

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