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Send SMS online, screenshots

Atomic SMS Sender is the sms sending service allowing for short text messages to be sent right from web browser on your computer to cell phones of your customers or friends world wide.

Atomic SMS Sender is a leading provider of bulk SMS messaging service with reliable coverage of more than 700 networks in over 200 countries worldwide.

How to Start a Bulk SMS Company

Bulk Text messaging is an ideal instant broadcasting technology saving your time and money whether you want to inform a one or 50,000 people. The simplest way to start your SMS campaign is to send bulk SMS right from your browser:

  1. Create an SMS Sender account*, your password will be emailed to you upon registration
  2. Login to your SMS Sender Control Panel
  3. Enter your recipients phone numbers or select a group of recipients
  4. Type a short message on your computer and enter your sender ID
  5. Click Send and your message will be sent immediately

*Upon creating your account you get 3 free SMS just to try. If you like the service, you can buy extra SMS right from your SMS Sender Control Panel or buy SMS right now.

Atomic SMS Sender Key Features

Atomic SMS Sender has a secure and intuitive web-based interface with functionality in mind with the following key features:

  • Personalization - set each message to include the name of the recipient
  • Dynamic sender ID - originator company name or telephone number can be set dynamically (without prior registration)
  • 3 free SMS or more (upon request) to try our service
  • Scheduling SMS sending
  • Quick text messaging
  • Mass SMS sending by groups
  • SMS Character Counter
  • Sending speed is 100 SMS/sec
  • Text message validity period to 48 hours
  • Delivery reports

SMS Sender is the best tool for the most fast, secure reliable communication with company staff, clients and just friends.

Bulk SMS is perfect for:

  • businesses wanting to communicate or market to their customers;
  • organizations wanting to send group messages such as event notifications, promotions or bulk SMS alerts;
  • individuals looking to send a quick group text messages to all their friends.

Payment Features

How much does it cost to send bulk SMS?

We use the "credit based" system for pricing. The price of one (1) credit is only $ 5 , buy it now.

One entire text message (160 GSM or 70 Unicode characters) can cost more or less than 1 SMS credit depending on the country. The pricing table indicates the SMS credit value and price for a plain text message (not exceeding 160 GSM characters) for the countries we cover.

Credits are sold by 100 credit packs with a 3 pack (or 300 credits) minimum purchase. Unused credits will stay in our account until your decide to use them.

How to Save even More WhileSsending Text Messages in Bulk

As we use demand-based pricing, the price will depend on SMS traffic sent per month. Discounts start at 50 000 message sent per month.

See the table below replica Rolex Datejust depicting a discount rate depending on SMS volume sent per month:

SMS Volume per month
1 to 50 000
50 001 - 100 000
100 001 +