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Atomic Email Logger

Atomic Email Logger features

Atomic Email Logger extracts email from files on your PC or removable drives. Using a range of plugins you can process any type of files.

  • High speed
    Speed of processing files is very high because they are already in the hard drives. A typical hard drive is scanned in the matter of minutes. In the end you will receive a new list of emails with thousands of previously unavailable emails. Atomic Email Logger can process any file, even archives (when extra plugins are used).
  • Search typical places
    The easiest way to start is extract emails from browser temporary file (Internet Explorer, Mozilla, FireFox, Opera). Often you can find hundreds and thousands of emails published on the websites you visit. There are some typical locations of email clients for quick search.
  • Integrated with mass email and list management products
    You can easily send mass mail to the emails you found. Atomic Email Logger is integrated with Atomic Mail Sender and Atomic Email Verifier.