thank you for banking with chase


Best software. Easily used.


I have known about Email Logger from a friend who was using it for marketing purpose, and once I tried the trial version I really liked it. Now I am using full version and it works like a charm. Thanks guys for making such a great software


Very good product and great to use. Will definitely recommend to all


Atomic Email Logger is a very nice and easy to use software.


Very simple to use, and after trying the trial I actually had to buy it and will make reaching out to past clients over the holidays much easier. Thanks


Atomic Email Logger works fine with pdfs and docxs files.


Although the software is advertised as working with Outlook it actually does not at all. Their support refuses to respond to any emails. Out desperation I filed a dispute in PayPal, they refused to refund but said they had a 800 line for support. I called that 800 line and it even said on their voicemail this is not for support! I left a message anyways two separate times and of course they never called back. Considering the cost of the software there is really no excuse for this!


I need discount coupon


It has made my life easy!


Simply great and no more man power needed to maintain our mailing list and collect the customer emails. One click you are done. Thanks a lot for our saving our time and efforts


We are pleased to say something about the software offered by ATOMPARK. We have used several of the programs for quite some number of years. In all, it has been an excellent tool for our marketing support and hope to see only more new and improved features as we've experience just about each of all the years in which we've had a license to use your software.

Thank you for the continued service and ongoing improvements that help to keep us ahead of the curve of electronic based communication in the 21st century.

As always...


When I started using the Email Logger, finding email addresses that are hidden on my own computer, the first time I did this, I found over 15,000 FREE email addresses. To me that was shocking due to my trying to keep my computer as clean of stuff I don't want in there...so this helps me to find more free prospects and also helps me to keep my computer uncluttered as well.... My suggestion, if you are in need of email address to send people your business opportunity, no place like looking at home...so to speak, on you own computer...you will be shocked like I was.

Willis Rynerson (USA)


... I just thought I'd say I'm very pleased so far with the package i bought from you, although I've only really explored the sender and the logger at the moment. Well done!


I just want to say thank you for providing a great application. I've saved hundreds of hours on my opt out lis.