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I downloaded a free trial of this and it works really good. It works fast. I was looking for an email extraction solution since I am tired of manually scraping. Its simple, just go to New Search and type your keyword....and just wait a few hours...last time, I extracted about 1500 emails in about 3 hours...now I want to upgrade cause it really works...date - February 21, 2018....yes, this software works for 2018...


I downloaded a free trial of this and it works really good. It works fast. I was looking for an email extraction solution since I am tired of manually scraping. Its simple, just go to New Search and type your keyword....and just wait a few hours...last time, I extracted about 1500 emails in about 3 hours...now I want to upgrade cause it really works...date - February 21, 2018....yes, this software works for 2018...


I've tried AES and Chief Email Scrapper, and Atomic Email is best. My site has 3x emails and the other two reported zero results. Very disappointing in the other two.


I tried and the solution works!


Great software! Well integrated and helped me so much in managing my emails. Good service to top it off.


Very pleased with the software, it had greatly enhanced our efficiency. Will recommend it to my industry partners for sure.


I've been using the trial to get mails from Yelp and it's been taking me about 80% LESS time to collect those emails. I would have usually entered the city and keywords and then have to manually visit the websites to MAYBE collect lead emails. Fortunately, Atomic Email Hunter helped me greatly reduce the time spent finding emails to focus on writing better copy.


very good program.


It is a great tool to reach the unreacheable!


Just paid master for Email Hunter and still not receive email for login ker numbers


Fully and strongly recommended to all online marketers!


Ich bin Ralf Niermann aus Köln, Amsterdamer Strasse 133 b, zwangsversteigerung.at ich fühle mich bedroht von www.bet-at-home.com Mein Freund Harald Scheider aus Siegburg ist Rechtsanwalt. Er wird euch die Höhle heiss machen Es ist Krieg jetzt zwischen Deutschland und ÖSTERREICH. Gruss Ralf Niermann aus Köln


The Email Hunter is a great software in getting client's email for advertising and awareness. Thanks for a great and awesome software like this.


This product more than exceeded my expectations. It is by far the best email extracting software I've used and I've experimented with at least 10 programs.


You've saved our business! Atomic Email Hunter has completely surpassed our expectations. Absolutely wonderful! You've saved our business!


best software ever


I am the user of Atomic Email Hunter. I want to say that Atomic Email Hunter is the best, highest and cheapest email searching software still now all over the world. 


I need this software for the collection of data for the marketing of my products. I have tried a lot of other e-mail extraction software but none match with the Atomic Email Hunter


When I decided to incorporate a mass emailing campaign into our local marketing strategy, I researched several companies. After this research I decided on Atomic Email Hunter because it is easy use and understand, reliable and very cost effective, allowing me the most ROI. I would highly recommend this product to any individual or company serious about email marketing.


paid for HUNTER and now running but it does not allow me to enter the registration number - it ask me to pay again !! AHV4A-XFGKV-YX2MA-7JXXU-VHGYN I want to save all the emails collected but cannot enter reg number !!!


The best program on the market for E-mail extraction. Using this program has brought me tremendous savings in time and money.


This product is more than I could imagine. It is the most useful tool in email marketing industry. I recommand to go for it!


The Atomic Email Hunter is a great tool for extracting email addresses. The software interface is simple and easy to use. Would definitely recommend purchasing it.


I really love the Atomic email hunter. It gives you a lot of emails at once and you can even access facebook users emails. Just perfect for business!


It is great software


Atomic Email Hunter is amazing, I found the relevance of search results is much higher than other such client in the demo. I'm going to explore the full version.


The Atomic Email Hunter is a very good software for email marketing.


The Atomic Email Hunter is a very good software for email marketing.


In my country i can't find any soft like this. I think this is the best soft for email i know.


Atlast found a nice tool to fetch the targeted emails. Thank you.


Great product! Works like nothing else on the market. A great solution for online marketing. Highly recommended!


Fantastic software. Does what it says.


Hello! I just wanted to say thank you for saving so much scraping emails with Atomic EMail Hunter. That helped a lot to find partners! Easy to use, accurate and totally worth for it!


We were having to manually visit each website of our customers and note their email id. This was slowing us down and moreover was very boring. A quick google search landed me to atomic email hunter page. I tried the free version and was amazed on how quickly it automated my task to pulling out email ids. It freed up so much of my time that I could use for more complex work. Super product! I highly recommend. Now I just paste a list of urls and the tool pulls out email ids for each of the page of the website (not just the contact us page). Go for it!


Amazing! In 3 hours I scraped 10k emails IN MY DEMOGRAPHIC. Perfect. Thank you.


This software is amazing. It saves me a lot of time on finding customers.




good support


Great product in great price.


Atomic Hunter is the only email collector  that extracts from multiple sites simultaneously, it does not skip mails. Highly recommended 10/10.


I used this product for extracting many emails and it worked well for its purpose.


I use Atomic Email Hunter and now get the accurate data from the web instead of purchasing mass old database. Thanks Atom for the wonderful software.


I love this software


amazing piece if kit


The product is very easy, is 100% strong.


multi windows option, great !


More than a year we are struggled to get email database for our company, at last we found " Atomic Email Hunter software ". Now with out any struggling, we are creating our own company database". I strongly recommend all of you to buy this software.


This is a wonderful tool I ever worked with such powerful email extracting tool that can grab emails and other informative data for business needs. Great product of Atomic software. Also a special thanks to the support team. A heartfelt thanks to Ms. Galina for a great cooperation and patience to explain feature of this tool and etc. Thanks and regards.


it seems good and perfect for email hunting


After viewing and testing out others products i found atomic email extractor to be the best solution for my company.


Email Hunter software is much easier to use than others advertised. It does exactly what you require it to do. Just add search terms, and say where to search. 


I downloaded


I am trying for the first time.


Great Product


Atomic Email Hunter is the best email extractor that I have ever used!


i want to the software of atomic email hunter


I've tested several email lead harvester softwares, and found Atomic Email Hunter the best email extractor. It collects the cleanest and the most relevant email addresses compared to others.


I tried this software and found it is brilliant, very easy to use.


This program works great, much better than scrapebox. I love it.


Just download Atomic email hunter and Atomic email sender 2 days ago. I think they are the best ones that I have known. I am sure I must buy both: Atomic email hunter and Atomic email sender.


A good software to perform complete digital marketing.


The Email Hunter was able to get us over 10 THOUSAND emails in our company's niche and got us almost 200 sales on our website in just under a day! I would HIGHLY recommend it to any entrepreneur. Two thumbs up!


The software is very good and helpful . It is really faster than other software.


Nice software, easy to use and fast


I have used Email Hunter for years. It is the most amazing must have sales tool ever. Get it now!


I am very impressed with the working of Atomic Email Hunter. It is Versatile, Reliable and Featured-Filled. Wonderful Product and the team guided me throughout with the details of the product.


I am using it from a decade it is amazing


Great tool. If you’re an avid e-marketer then bolstering your email list is a priority, which Atomic Email Hunter can help you with. The program is fast as it opens many pages at once.


Very fast and efficient in the trial version that I tried. Going to purchase soon after this unlike other harvester programs i come accross.


Best email hunter software around... i searched and searched for a better and cheaper option, there isn't. Happy with my purchase. Thanks


Great product, I am yet to try the full version, but the free versio already blew my mind.


I have using it more then one year


I really am enjoying my Atomic Email Hunter .it works really well and hopefully i will get leads from this




Good dashboard and easy-to-use tool. Great customer service support too. Truly happy with it.


Best product. Made my job so much easier. I recommend the studio version.


Great program. Plenty of options save your time and money, and bring to you an incredible number of new business contacts.


this software has so much changed my life, and improved my business network.


Great program, very happy so many emails in minutes.


I am so happy with the way I was attended to by a representative and i look forward to giving my next testimony about the benefit of the software


Really it is MIRACLE. We are online marketers and the email addresses are back bone to us. Through Atomic Email software we got the email addresses more that we required. And Atomic Email Sender helps us a lot and saves hundreds of hours to us.


I found Atomic Email Hunter to be very useful software for extracting emails. It will help in expanding our network. I am going to use it regularly.


The "Atomic Email Hunter" saves tons of hours looking for emails to make the business growth. I strongly recommend it. Success


Just downloaded free trial to give it a thorough testing. Wow amazing if this is the trial software, then I am sure in for a shock when I get full version. Placing order for full version this evening. Thanks guys. Keep up the good work.


The Atomic Email Hunter is the granddaddy of all email scrapers. I have 6 other email scraping software products that I was using before I purchased Atomic Email Hunter, and now I'm no long using them. The Atomic Email Hunter has blown them all out of the water. I'm amazed the Atomic Email Hunter can even process area code phone numbers into email addresses. For example, if I put the area codes 201-973 in the search bar, the software will scrape hundreds - even thousands - of email addresses within those area codes -- both residents and companies. This works especially well with CPA offers. For example, someone can promote a CPA offer to those within a specific area code.


The Atomic Email Hunter is the granddaddy of all email scrapers. I have 6 other email scraping software products that I was using before I purchased the Atomic Email Hunter, and now I'm no longer using them. The Atomic Email Hunter has blown them all out of the water. I'm amazed the software can even process area code phone numbers into email addresses. For example, if I put the area codes 201-973 in the search bar, the software will scrape hundreds - even thousands - of email addresses within those area codes -- both residents and companies. This works especially well with CPA offers. For example, someone can promote a CPA offer to those within a specific area code. Charles McDuffie


This is great software. High recomended.


thank you


nice program, Recommended


We are using Atomic Email Hunter during some days. It works like a charm. What we like most is its features - auto save, filters include and exclude specially. We highly recommend Atomic Email Hunter for any one looking to extract emails from Web.


This software (Atomic Email Hunter) helps me to collect unlimited number of target email addresses. Besides, the support and service is really fast. I prefer this software company. Thanks!


Email hunting program is the perfect tool to collect various emails, by special keyword. As i am establer of new company, it helps me a lot to enter new markets.


I tried email hunter on a virtual machine cause I'm using a mac, and it was impressive. The best email scrape software I've seen till now. Great work :)


It's good in the term of time saving


I need registration key Atomic Email Hunter


I found Atom Park on Google, they have the best customer service around. Konstantyn Fedchuk was my agent, he provided me with a swift hassle free service that  I would recommend to others. A very happy customer here.


wow fantastic software, easy


Great product with a lot of options. But not complicated to use. Software for professional Marketing!


I tried the demo version of Email Hunter and was immediately impressed by program. It started to amass a great deal of relevant email address. They were niche specific and very useful. I look forward to upgrading to the full version.


An awesome well-worked software to solve marketing issue of collecting relevant email addresses.


Atomic Email Hunter is the best software I know of for crawling the web for emails. I've been using it for quite a while, love it. Keywords search is pretty effective.


AtomPark's Atomic Email Hunter is the best program for crawling web I know of yet. I've been using it for quite a while. Keywords search is pretty effective.


The Atomic Email Hunter is a great tool and the best on the market. The customer support is also the best, they are always ready to help . I strongly recommend it to anyone who is looking to purchase a software like this.


I have used the demo version of Atomic Email Hunter. It's absolutely a good software, helping me in looking for potential clients' email. Instead of searching on the internet, copy and paste (boring and tiring work) this software helped me a lot.


This is the best email extractor software EVER!! A must have.


My name is Paul, I tried Atomic Email Extractor and Atomic Email Sender and found them to be very useful. The truth is if you do not try you will never know. I recommend AtomPark company and its Atomic software to small and large businesses - it is profitable especially when you want to develop reasonable contacts and good relationship with others.


This is the best email extractor at all. Much thanks to those people, who made it.


I recently used Atomic Email Hunter and have to say what a fabulous product it is, I shall surely use other Atomic products when I need to.




Wow, great hunter, the best I have tried!


This is the best software I have ever bought. The emails we get from specific niche increase our sales incredibly.


Terrific staff. Willing to help at any time. I've tried others, but this is the best extractor I've ever used.


Atomic Email Hunter is the best solution for me to crawl webpage via searchengine like google. Nice interface and easy to use.


I have used the trial version, and found very helpful, which will save a lot of time. I will recommend the software to others


I'm very impress with Email Hunter and how fast it can find the leads/contact. It saves me hundreds of hours compiling and extracts the information using our marketing staff time. Thank you.


Thanks so much for taking your time bringing up this software: Atomic Email Hunter, Atomic List Manager and also Atomic Email Verifier. I used it from a friend's computer, and I am highly impressed with the softwares. Also thanks to lady Galina, she is indeed a great wonderful lady in attending to customers.


I did one search from Atomic Email Hunter and other software as Web Data Extractor, there was a big difference between these two programs. Your Email Hunter is really better and nice software to get clients.


verygood product


I love the customer desk, they have good customer relationship, they talk to you like brothers/family. I will definitely refer this product to friends


I tried about 10 different email extraction programs and Atomic Email Hunter is definitely the most effective, I am looking forward to trying the full version.


i download the unregistered copy of email hunter and it surely blow my mind, now i`m buying the Atomic Email Hunter. Recommended.


Fantastic software. Does what it says on the tin I contact a lot costumers


Fantastic software, everything we need for gathering a local database on our specified keywords.


Atomic Email Hunter is a great software I found on net which has no competition at all in all the cases. The online support form the team is excellent. Very useful for any business, and I strongly reccomend this software to others also to use it. Thanks a lot to the creators. Thanks, Vishal Bhatia


I would highly recommend Atomic Email Hunter if you have online or offline business.  It's worth it!


great software ever seen.


This software helps us very much. It's amazing. I got 5000 email addresses within one hour.


My friend used it and he liked it so much and I like it too...Its an awesome product


This is one of the greatest extractor i have ever seen and it really fovourable


Amazing Software, Atomic Email hunter is probably the one software that is available on the market, that fits my expectation. APLLAUSE to the creator of this software


After a Long search for a email extracting software. I got this excellent piece which was really really helpful for my website www.loginkart.com a online shopping website in India having a huge collection of products in different categories. Soon we are launching International Shipping. Thanks AtomPark


A fantastic service and a software that exceeds my expectations.


best among all




Hello everyone! I am happy for your product Atomic Email Hunter,which I have used for trial. I was so much happy of it, too different from the one we use. And I'll let peoples to know about it and i ll help as much as i can to addvertise it here, thanks to all, and carry it ON.


Great application for lead sourcing !


I downloaded trial version of Atomic Email Hunter. Very good software! I'll buy full version.


Nice software to collect fresh e-mail list


Atomic Email Hunter, is a fantastic software for extracting emails simply by entering the target URL. It is the fastest email extractor that i have found anywhere.


Great tools for email data finder.


Atomic Email Hunter is the best mail extractor I've ever worked with. Complete, reliable and user friendly. 100% effective.


I tested out the email hunter program and it was awesome. Saved me so much time. I can't believe I did not find this product before!


This is a great product for all sorts of reasons, especially if you have a list of businesses and need to find relevant industries people to contact


Great product ! Installation was very fast and simple, and the program was fast to take off. Fast and easy to use and the MS Office combatibilty makes using very smooth ! Thank you guys !


I was blown away at the speed an accuracy of the emails that were extracted from craigslist, and other classified ads to build my seller and cash buyer database. Best investment I ever made for my real estate investment business.


Atomic Email hunter is good Software for mail extract . I use this Software . Its a nice Software .


We have been using the Atomic Email Hunter for some time now and it has been the best tool that we have used in this space. We have tried many pieces of software but this is the only one that produced the results we wanted to see.


I just love your email extractor. Thanks a lot.


I absolutely love this program. Been looking for a long time for something like this. Glad I found it!


Nice software. Good work guys! I had tested several that kind of soft and I decided to pic this one! Helping me so much!


We had the opportunity to try the Atomic Email Hunter program, the trial version. We are impressed by the power of this software. We decided to buy it immediately, we know positively impact sales of our products. We are very grateful. Drio Nestor Pulido - FOSEP - Colombia


Once you try it, you can't live without it! Now we can build our super targeted email list in minutes and saving hours of manual job. Thanks!


I just started e-mail marketing as I’m new to the world of online marketing. I wanted to do this e-mail marketing right, clean, ethical, and legit. So, I was looking for a product that can give me the major tools for online e-mail marketing right on my desktop with all these ethical qualities. I found E-mail hunter, verifier, and sender. I found this to be a perfect set up to have on my desktop. A software that can fetch targeted e-mails – rock on, a software that can verifier the e-mails that you retrieved – that’s important, and a software that can send your campaign with build in templates to your targeted list – right on! This three way combo make it easy, saves a lot of time, its flexibility, and it’s fun. These three tools give you the ability to do the job of three department’s right on your desktop and with no monthly fees. Seriously, I recommend for you to check these products out, you will be pleased that you did.


I've been using the trial version for 3 days and I can't wait to have the full version. It exceeds my expectation of an email grabbing software.


I tested the free version of Atomic Email Hunter and is the best email hunter software aroung I got more than 10k of emails in 3 minutes.


I downloaded the trial version. I was impressed. Features are great and it can be customized to do a presise job. We expect to save many times it price on mailing lists. I would higly reccomend this program!


I love the product Atomic Email Hunter, I have look for this kind of product for so long and I am glad to find it here.


I never knew that there could be such a fantastic email extractor. This has saved lot of my time and concern of marketing online.


Great Product...


I need to send obtain some email to promote me new start business and Atomic Email Hunter did just that. Not only was the software great but the website was safe for downloading apps.


This tool is the greatest I have ever heard about; I tested and found everything an internet marketer needs. A piece of software should not miss in your briefcase. Highly recommended.


Tried the demo of this software i'm so impressed i'm going to upgrade to full version. Really easy to setup does what it says on the tin.


Tried 4 other softwares around and none beats atompark's email hunter. The interface is easy to use and understand. There is 21/7 hour support, as well as fast email retrival...if you need to know, it was 4 times faster than the othr softwares I have tried.


This is a very usefull and powerfull tool. We are on Argenitina, and we really recommend that, there is no other program like this here! Enjoy it! Fernando


Very powerful piece of software that I like, thank you let me find you


The atomic Email hunter can extract thousands of email address from internet according to my business keywords, it is very easily to find my target potential customers. Really help!


I was looking for an email extractor and had a few questions. So I crossed my fingers and tried the chat, hoping to get some actual help. Denis, exceeded my expectations. Was knowledgable, helpful, and even ran an example for me so I could make sure the product did what I wanted it to do. Thanks Denis!


Amazing software. I am really impressed


I have compared a few e-mail extractors and Atomic has been the best in retrieving maximum number of e-mails and very easy to use. Highly recommended.


Atomic mail hunter is a must have tool if you are a serious marketer. It helps me gather thousands quality of leads in a matter of minutes. I love it. My return on investment is infinite.


After trying the "Trial" version, I am going to purchase it together with the Email Verifier. It will save countless hours.


I cannot believe this product. It is amazing. I love it. My marketing campaign will go straight to the top thanks to atomic. I plan to spread the word to everyone I know and meet. I love it. Peggy Scott/Design Instinct


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I have been using Atomic Email Hunter Demo version from the last couple of days and I must say that it is one of the best software out there on the world wide web to hunt emails. The best features are the hunting speeds and the hunting level which can be set according to my requirements. I will definitely suggest this to my friends circle.


Time saving quick and efficient Atomic Email hunter saves time and provides accurate information allowed me to increase conversaions on my sites by over 600%. I didnt hesitate to purchase all the other email related products Atomic had to offer! 2 Thumbs Up to Atomic


WOW! This is one of the best software to get emails from websites and urls. I've been searching for this for a long time. Thanks!


Great software - should of bought long time ago.


Simple, fast and easy interface for extracting emails related to your business


Atomic Mail Hunter is most powerful email address hunter ever that I met. It is easy to use and easily can find supoorts from websites.


This software is amazing. It has made my marketing campaign loads easier. Also love the support. Thumbs up


"I have spent a good deal of time, searching out an email extractor program, only to find they were too costly, or too hard to understand. Whenever I came across the Atomic Email Hunter, I was amazed at the ease of functionality, as well as the reasonable cost of the software. I look forward to buying some of the other programs offered."


What a terrific tool for gathering leads. As Network Marketers, we all know that one of the secrets to success is Lead Generation and Downline Retention. This product makes it automatic to accomplish this goal.


superb its fantastic i been searching for such a software since years and finaly i found the solution with atomic email hunter thanks to the developers.




The EMAIL GRABBER is AWESOME! I simply wish I had this software years ago to reach so many customers


The EMAIL GRABBER is simply AWESOME. I wish I had purchased this program years ago! If you want customers... get this product!


The email hunter is a great software to find new emails of future customers or normal people, you want to send some emails.


It does exactly what I need. By extracting those specific emails, I can reach the right customers. Thank you Atomic Email Hunter!


Olá pessoal, muito obrigado por criarem este programa, eu trabalho com vendas e sempre preciso captar novos clientes e os seus programas têm me ajudado muito. Vocês estão de parabéns, os programas são muito bons.


No hustle to grab emails from your clients, straight from mailbox.


Very helpful tool,every one who does online marketing should get it.


When I first tested the demo of atomic email hunt, I thought it was amazing. However, later when I paid and have a registered version one, I found big problem. 1) "search in list" for extract email from a certain website is not correctly workable. 2) "advanced search" is not correctly workable even I follow up the instruction. It did not extract email. During two weeks, no technician can solve the problem, hence I am just wondering whether "search in list" and "advanced search is just a decoration of this software but actually not yet completed. So far still nobody can help to solve the problem.


thank you for such great program atomic mail hunter, it really work as magic. keep the good work.


When I first came across Atomic Email Hunter I could not believe in the features it offers. It's such a complete software for such a good price, I really recommend it to any Internet Marketing expert or newbie that takes Internet Marketing seriously.


Your Atomic Email Hunter is fantastic.As a new online seller i find it very helpful.


I have been searching for Email Addresses Harvester software from last few days to buy a reliable and efficient one. and finally came across massmailsoftware, i just download a Trail Version which i found most efficient,reliable and multifunction, i finally decide to buy one. i would definitely recommend Atomic Email Hunter if you are looking to harvest Email Address from Search Engines around the Globe. Kindest Regards Afridi


The Atomic Email Hunter is a great software package that serves as your liaison between the email names you want and the websites where they are located. http://www.top-software-reviews.com/2012/atomic-email-hunter-review-07-31.html


Thank you so much for continuing to upgrade your product and service!!  Love the most recent features.. . . .  I recommend you to friends frequently and am very pleased with the results.Thank you so much for continuing to upgrade your product and service!!  Love the most recent features.. . . .  I recommend you to friends frequently and am very pleased with the results.


email extractor is the best product available. It works!!!!!


Hunter is the best e-mail collecting software among what I evaluated. Great!


I Have used used the Atomic Email Hunter for several years and am surprised how the system works with no problems. I am able to single out specific groups of people to obtain their email by just entering in a few key words. The program is very user friendly with many options for searches. The emails found were instrumental to gain more business and market gain in my field.


I purchased Atomic Web Spider to help gathering websites and email adresses of potential customers. The program has really helped me by saving a lot of time in this proces. Proved to be worth it's value.


I have been using Atomic Email Hunter since 2004. After diligent research I found this product to be the best on the market and easiest to use with great results.


When I downloaded the trial version I was pleased to see so many features. I had been looking for free email marketing software but there was nothing I liked. This is not a solution for a single mailing but I am sure it will pay off very quickly. When I called the support phone number and got detailed answers to my questions. I decided to buy the software. I hope support will be as good after the purchase. Thank you for a tool which is perfect for my needs.


I have bought Atomic Hunter for quick finding email adresses for my customers. I am satisfied about price and quality. It works good.


I am italian, and use this program in Italy for search email address, for email marketing. It's very good for italy, and search with great precision and speed. I have used also other program, but none is as Email Hunter. Highlyrecommended.


When I downloaded the trial version (Atomic Email Hunter) I was pleased to see so many features. I had been looking for free email marketing software but there was nothing I liked. This is not a solution for a single mailing but I am sure it will pay off very quickly. When I called the support phone number and got detailed answers to my questions I decided to buy the software. I hope support will be as good after the purchase. Thank you for a tool which is perfect for my needs.


I’ve been using Atom Park software for a couple years now and as a freelance web developer this is one of the most valuable software vendors  I currently use. I own Atomic Email Sender and Atomic Email Hunter. What I consider the key points are:

  • Easiness to use, just plain-none-complicated instructions
  • Many settings to adapt to every situation.
  • Although I only had to use their support service one time I can say their support team is very responsive and knowledgeable.

I’m still due to upgrade to the Atomic Email Studio, which after witnessing the wonders of their other software, I’m going to do it very soon.


Just got started with your software and I'm really impressed with the emails that it pulls. We've saved countless hours using your software vs. manually harvesting these emails.
Thanks for the great software and keep up the good work!


I have been very satisfied with Atomic Email Hunter. Thank you.


Well I am very surprised. You have an excellent product.


....A few months ago, we purchased the AtomPark Email Hunter program. Before this software, we painstakingly mined our email address using various search engines and search terms to find websites of potential customers. We would then click through to the website and extract the email address. It took all day for one person to get just a handful. Our mailing list has increased dramatically. Our stat-counter recorded a record number of hits from the first time we used the new names. Our companies sales have definitely benefited from the modest investment.
I wish someone had explained this software to us many years ago.


I have reviewed over 50 different programs that collect email address's and tested most. Atomic Email Hunter is far the best on the market from the options it allows you to select. A very powerful program, my only regret is that it is that good I wish they could take it off the internet :-) Would recommend this to anyone who is serious about emarketing.


I was searching for an email extractor application and i came across many examples like "Email Extractor" or "Email spider easy" or " Lone mail collector". I downloaded many trials to find out which is the most suitable for my needs and i saw that nothing was better than Atomic email hunter. I measured the results and I found out that after 15 minutes Atomic email hunter had 1200 emails while other had 350-Atomic email hunter is definitely the best solution for my needs. The programmers did a great job and and created a strong and easy to use tool.



I purchased both Hunter and Verifier yesterday. I am very pleased with both products. They are much better than similar products, for example Fast Email Extractor. Your programmer has obviously been working very hard to get the bugs out of the last few versions. If you google Winston Steward, you'll see that I'm an author of end-user computer books...


I love Atomic Email Hunter. I do a straight URL search from a large list of domains and get 99% uniques. This is the best software yet.


Your product is great! I will be back for the entire suite soon.


Your programs are fantastic, by the way, Atomic Email Hunter is the best on the web.


It's very easy to install and use. The price is low. Email Hunter actually does what you say it will do. I love this program.


Thanks. Great product!


Great program! I've been looking for something like this for two years to get my e-mail clients in some kind of structured order for updates.