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Atomic List Manager Online

Atomic List Manager Online Screenshots

Please view the main screenshots of Atomic List Manager Online:

Add list to a server (click to enlarge)

Add list to a server

If you wish to create a file to be processed right on our server, please click on “Add list” just to copy and paste emails.

Upload files to a server  (click to enlarge)

Upload files containing mailing list to a server

If you wish to process files containing lists (CSV or text) and stored on your PC you should download them to our server by clicking on “Upload files” .

Subtraction (click to enlarge)


Subtract the list A from the list B to return a new list where all elements of list A equal to one of the elements of list B have been removed.

Delete duplicates  (click to enlarge)

Delete duplicates

Excludes duplicate e-mails within one list.

View file content (click to enlarge)

View uploaded file content

Lists uploaded (or added) to the server are displayed like menu tabs and named after proper file names. To view the content of that file you should click any tab.

Extend account (click to enlarge)

Extend your Atomic List Manager account

If your Atomic List Manager service account has expired, the proper notice will appear in the upper right corner. You can extend Atomic List Manager Online account right from the control Panel, please click on “Extend account” and choose any payment option you like.

Change Settings  (click to enlarge)

Settings menu

You can change your email, password or some other personal information in the ‘Settings’ section.