Whois Extrator screenshotsAtomic Whois Explorer is designed to search through global WHOIS database to automate the process of extracting contact information of domain name administrators or website owners.

Current version of the program is capable of retrieving email addresses of domain name administrators or owners and websites expiration dates.

To use Atomic Whois Explorer suimply proceed to inputting web sites or domain names that interest you and click Start.

Multithread mode is available in this program and lets the users explore domains with impressive speed, processing with an impressive speed - several hundred per minute!

When your search is completed and you see a list of domain owners' addresses, Atomic Whois Explorer suggests that you save them to a file, Windows Clipboard or MS Excel/Word.

What is WHOIS database?

WHOIS is a storage place of registration information about the owners of the Internet domains. This data contains the name and email address of an individual or a company that has registered the domain, as well as contact information, like the name and address, of a person responsible for solving technical issues.

For example, searching whois data for www.msn.com from whois.networksolution.com gives you the following results:

Domain name: MSN.COM

Administrative Contact:
Administrator, Domain domains@microsoft.com
One Microsoft Way
Redmond, WA 98052
Technical Contact:
Hostmaster, MSN msnhst@microsoft.com
One Microsoft Way
Redmond, WA 98052

Registration Service Provider:
DBMS VeriSign, dbms-support@verisign.com
800-579-2848 x4
Please contact DBMS VeriSign for domain updates, DNS/Nameserver
changes, and general domain support questions.

Registrar of Record: TUCOWS, INC.
Record last updated on 28-Jan-2005.
Record expires on 04-Jun-2014.
Record created on 10-Nov-1994.

Domain servers in listed order:

Which things are of most interest? They are: administrative contact and expiration date. The first one contains domain owner data, such as person or company name, phone/fax number and e-mail address. The date when this domain (msn.com) will expire is referenced as 2014-Jun-04, making it available for anyone to register after that date assuming the owner hasn't re-registered during the open period (they have first chance to re-register their domain when it expires or is expiring as a best business practice. Though, you may download a simple whois.exe program and make whois-request manually, this will waste a lot of your valuable time. Using Atomic Whois Explorer as an email collector automates the described process.

Just imagine how many hours Atomic Whois Explorer will save you!

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