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Atomic Whois Explorer

Atomic Whois Extractor Features

Atomic Whois Extractor is used for finding emails in WHOIS database that has emails website owners. This application will help you quickly and effectively extract emails from this online database.

  • Works with all types of domains
    Atomic Whois Extractor supports all types of general and country domain zones.
  • Quick search
    The program works in a multithreaded mode, it lets you use the advantages of your Internet connection. It can query several hundred domains in one minute.
  • Extraction of additional information
    Atomic Whois Extractor will get no only the email addresses but also other data like phone and fax numbers, domain registration date, expiry date and so on.
  • Data export
    All extraction results can me exported to MS Office applications and saved into files for future use in Atomic Mass Mailer or Atomic List Manager