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Atomic Email Logger Upgrades History


Copyright (c) AtomPark Software 2001-2014. All rights reserved
Tech-support: http://www.atomiccc.com/tickets
Web-site: http://www.massmailsoftware.com


[+] New feature
[*] Bug-fix or change
[-] Deleted feature

Recent updates:

[+] All additional plugins become built-in and free of charge:
- extracting email addresses from the *.doc, *.docx, *.pdf, *.wab, *.xls and *.xlsx files
- popular email clients (Outlook, Outlook Express, The Bat, Eudora, Incredimail)
- PST files
- CSV files
- ZIP, RAR, ACE and GZ archives.
[*] Optimized and improved saving feature
[*] Minor fixes

version 8.50 (August 05, 2016)
[+]added the ability to extract contacts from the history of Skype
[+]added the ability to collect email from Viber

version 8.35 (October 21, 2014)
[+] support for new PDF file formats

version 8.31 (July 23, 2014)
[*] minor errors were fixed

version 8.30 (April 3, 2014)
[+] unicode support
[+] new file types processing: DBF, ODT и ODS (Open Office)
[+] new menu items to extract from: Desktop, Downloads
[+] settings include an option to limit the size of processed file
[*] bugs in deleting duplicated contacts and extracting emails from CSV, RAR, PST and DOC with tables have been fixed
[*] fixed bugs that appeared when exporting into MS Office file, and increased the save speed

version 8.22 (October 15, 2013)
[+] the Mozilla Firefox cache search was changed
[*] the option of removing duplicates with different names was fixed

version 8.20 (May 31, 2013)
[+] new program languages were added – Spanish, Italian, French, Arabic, Portuguese, Serbian
[+] improving of getting data from browsers' temporary files
[+] expanded list of processed files
[+] the ability of extracting files from MS Access databases was added
[*] improved MS Outlook launching when running the program
[*] fixed "Out of memory" bug that appeared when working and saving huge lists
[+] improved the extraction from The Bat mailboxes
[*] fixed crash when deleting duplicates in a large list of email addresses

version 8.00 (August 09, 2012)
[+] suspicious emails filter updated
[+] option to select multiple files added
[+] each contact now has information from which file it was extracted
[+] social panel can be turned off
[+] Hungarian localization added
[+] Greek localization added
[+] Links to settings and export are added o the ribbon panel
[*] new file types added to the exceptions list (files which are skipped when scanning)
[*] export component added
[*] if there is no file extension it is automatically added
[*] localization errors fixed
[*] error with .docx files fixed

version 7.05 (January 28, 2011)
[+] Social panel has been added
[*] Some extraction engine bugs have been fixed
[+] PST file processing plug-in to the Atomic Email Logger (this plug-in opens Outlook PST files and harvest e-mail addresses and the user names from them) comes with the fix for the bugs effecting Windows 7 and Microsoft Office Outlook 2007 users

version 7.00 (June 18, 2009)
[+] New Ribbon UI for Vista and Windows 7
[+] Unicode files are supported now
[+] Search panel was added
[+] New e-mail extraction engine. It now finds even more contacts
[*] "Class not registered" OLE error has been fixed
[*] Some crashes on window-resize have been fixed
[*] Several minor bugs have been fixed

version 4.04 (February, 2008)
[+] Help in Spanish, Italian and Russian added

version 4.00 (October, 2007)
[+] Integration with List manager Online
[+] Drag-and-drop support for all applications with drag-and-drop support
[+] Drag-and-drop support for Windows Explorer
[+] Drag-and-drop support for easy e-mail extraction from Outlook
[+] Drag-and-drop support for easy e-mail extraction from Outlook Express
[+] Custom e-mail deleting option with smart search criteria
[+] Optimized for Windows Vista
[+] F4 key to access Common Settings
[+] Automatically checking for upgrades
[+] Offer to transfer addresses to Sender, Verifier or List Manager on exit
[+] Email addresses from HTML-based email are now extracted much better
[+] More clear and smart extraction of email addresses
[+] Filters for extraction - include and exclude rules
[+] Option to view e-mail addresses extracted from the specified file in a list
[+] Option to sort files list
[+] Demo version can save addresses now (up to 7 contacts)
[+] Multi-language support

version 2.60 (June, 2006)
[+] Integration with Member Area

version 2.54 (March, 2006)
[+] Full integration with the future version of AMS3

versoin 2.45 (February, 2006)
[*] Some minor changes

version 2.30 (March, 2005)
[*] Some error has been fixed in email export
[+] Copy file name to the Clipboard
[+] "More plug-ins" item in "Plugins" menu

version 2.20 (September, 2004)
[+] Common file types in Save Dialog
[+] Extension plug-ins adviser
[*] Strong bug with folders recursion has been fixed
[*] Now all the fields can contain Comma

version 2.11 (June, 2004)
[*] Strong bug with commas has been fixed
[*] Some changes in Common Settings

version 2.10 (April, 2004)
[*] Strong changes in extension plug-ins
[+] Recursion for extenstion plug-ins

version 2.00 (February, 2004)
[*] New improved native Windows XP user interface
[*] New kind of the program operating
[*] New built-in plug-ins
[+] Extraction Assistant
[+] Easy software registration scheme
[+] Extension plug-ins manager (in Common Settings)
[+] Two types of window splitting
[+] Extraction from al disks
[+] New window toolbar, menu bar and status bar
[+] Easy sorting (by column click)
[+] List of processed files with number of extracted addresses
[+] Context pop-up menus for frequently used functions
[+] New Help System
[+] Fast removing of all suspicious e-mail addresses
[+] Advanced removing of all duplicated contact addresses

version 1.60 (November, 2003)
[+] Self-executing plug-ins are addes (see "plugins/self" folder)
[+] Integration with Atomic TLD Filter

version 1.50 (September, 2003)
[*] Some bugs with registration has been fixed
[+] Better suspicious e-mail addresses detection
[*] A bug with losing the last e-mail address has been fixed
[+] "File extension" plug-ins are implemented (see "plugins/ext" folder)
[*] "Quit with non-saved results" error has been fixed
[+] .doc file plug-in added to the standard installation package

version 1.44 (July, 2003)
[+] Integration with Atomic Mail Sender
[+] Integration with Atomic Mail verifier

version 1.43 (May, 2003)
[*] Strong bug with registration fixed

version 1.42 (April, 2003)
[*] Small bugs with @-processing were fixed

version 1.41 (February, 2003)
[*] Small interface changes

version 1.40 (October, 2002)
[*] Help system redesign
[-] Test TagsLock Projects
[*] Presets updates for Win2000 & WinXP
[+] New fast and reliable registration procedure

version 1.30 (January 9, 2002)
[+] Integration with TagsLock Pro: test TLP projects for SPAM risk
[+] Functional keys to reach frequently used options
[+] Program name change

version 1.20: (January 1, 2002)
[*] New extraction tecnology - less bad addresses!
[*] Unlimited number of results (up to 2^28 e-mails!)
[+] "Presets": easy extraction from standart locations
[*] Full interface remake
[*] Sizeable window - more visible place.
[*] Easier program interface
[+] Autosave window position
[-] Log-file
[+] Save rersults to Clipboard feature
[+] Search e-mails
[+] Find suspicious addresses - no more incorrect e-mails
[+] More options in main menu
[*] Help System in HTML Help format
[*] More detailed Help

version 1.11:
[*] Little extraction bugs corrected

version 1.10:
[+] New program interface
[*] Extraction improved

version 1.00
[+] Original version