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Tips for making your bulk email marketing campaign more effective. Part 1.

Bulk email marketing campaigns - make them effective!There are several components to a successful and effective bulk email marketing campaign. Good targeting is the first one, and that we've talked about before. The format of your advertisement, the actual design of your message can be quite important too. But how can you make the actual content of your message appealing to your audience in order to generate more sales? There are a few tips that can help you here. By no means I pretend that these are unique and I came up with them. Most of them are well-known, and successful advertisers uses them daily.

  • Humor. Try to remember your favorite commercial. I bet you it is funny. And that's why you liked it. Remember good old "What's up" Budweiser commercial? The commercial was so popular that people started calling each other imitating the guys from the commercial. And the actors became celebrities themselves. Not bad for a stupid ad campaign with no point. If you can relate to your audience, make them laugh or project any other human feelings, your audience will react to your message differently. There are a lot of funny things on the net - funny pictures, jokes, etc. Try incorporating them in your campaign, if this is appropriate.
  • Prompt your audience to make a purchase. The best way to do it is to offer discounts for multiple purchases, use coupons, offer freebies, and so on. Your message should actually state this clearly, for example "Buy before May 10 and receive a 25% discount."
  • Have special mailings for the holidays. Do you know how many holidays there are? A lot. And people like them. So why not use this? Naturally, you should make sure that your messages reflect the actual holiday theme. You should use patriotic images for the Memorial Day and 4th of July, for example. If your target audience is predominantly Catholic or Jewish, you can have special mailings for the religious holidays. This advice may not work for everybody, but it definitely works for general retailers.
  • Offer your audience value. And I do not mean simply cheaper price. If you sell books on-line, you would be better off offering your subscribers reviews of new books. If you cater to the New Age folks, you should offer them articles about clairvoyance, ESP, astral projections and other things that this audience is interested in. If this information is helpful and interesting, your sales will go through the roof.

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