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How smart is your e-mail marketing campaign?

What is a smart e-mail marketing campaign? That is the one that delivers the results you want and does not leave room for mistakes. What does it take?

  • Think like a writer. Better yet, a writer of an adventure book or a detective story. Interesting, relevant content is the magnet that will drive your readership and attract subscribers. Don't just sell your products. Tell the people the history behind your goods, or how your services can make their life better. If the text of your message is not appealing to you and the members of your staff, it sure won't be interesting to the people who receive your newsletter.

  • Devote some time for thinking how you can get the results you strive for. Define content and sections of your messages, and consider your company image when thinking about your newsletter's design. That, among other things, means breaking the content into small "easily digested" parts and highlighting the parts that are important and are of most interest, that is the interests of your target audience.

  • Analyze your statistics, try new things and keep developing and evolving. The content of your campaign should continually change as you get to know the customers better and receive feedback from them. The scheme is simple - introduce new elements - see what's the results are. Put in pictures and see what happens. Take out the pictures and see what happens. Change the placement of the picture, phone numbers, links, and so on. Don't be afraid to try new things.

  • Use the power of technology. Research, study, and take advantage of the new metrics that go beyond open rates and click-throughs. Keep track of how well the customers react to different innovations you introduce in your newsletter or e-mail marketing campaign. Measure interactivity between your customers and content to reveal just how strong or weak your brand relationship is, who has high value potential to your company, and who is most likely to respond to your long-term customer- and brand-building efforts.

  • Be concise. Be creative.

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