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Our email marketing software can help you to improve the quality of your business & email marketing service. Many satisfied customers write to thank us. Our solutions for targeted email marketing helped them to start their business and make it grow. This graph was recently sent to us by one of our customers. They are doing even better now. We develop software and services for bulk email marketing falling into the categories:

Email marketing software - bulk mailer & mailing lists managing software:

As you might know, the best Internet marketing resource is electronic mail. Our tools make it easy for you to send email newsletter, and manage bulk mailing lists for making contact with potential customers more effectively.

  • Bulk mailer, email senderOur Bulk Mailer is a powerful software with easy to use interface for bulk opt-in emailing. It processes mailing lists of any size, the number of recipients is unlimited. Unsubscribe option is available. Launch the program, write or load your message, select a mailing list (e.g. from the files generated by Email Hunter) and press 'Start' to send.
  • Use Atomic E-mail Verifier to keep mailing lists fresh and up-to-date. It checks your mailing lists and automatically removes all non-existing e-mail addresses. Launch it every time before starting send mass mail to save your bandwidth!
  • Do you need a mail list management solution? Try try our Atomic List Manager program or Atomic List Manager Online service to split and merge lists, sort e-mails to exclude duplicate, invalid or free e-mails (like,, and personalize your lists. These are just must have tools both for bulk and viral email marketing!
  • One more useful tool for sending bulk massages is Bulk SMS Sending service that is just indispensable when you need send group text messages to cellular phones of your friends or customers. Everyone will hear you within a few seconds as a cellular/mobile phone is always near at hand!

Email harvesting software:

Our email address extraction utilities perform fast and are very flexible. A fresh mailing list is only a few key presses away.

  • Email Extractor (Atomic Email HunterEmail Extractor) searches the HTML files web sites are built with. Enter a valid URL and Atomic Email Hunter will search the site and return all available addresses within minutes.
  • Atomic Email Logger was designed to search through files stored on your hard drive and extract email addresses if found.
  • CD Email Extractor will harvest emails from CDs and DVDs
  • IE Contacts Spy - an IE plugin to harvest contact information from the Web, even decrypted emails from password protected websites
  • Our email Whois Harvester (we named Atomic Whois Explorer) can process hundreds of domain name a minute and create targeted mailing list of domains' owners.
  • Need to reach the newsgroups audience? No problem! We have developed the Newsgroup Extractor. Using this program you get both e-mail addresses and user names from any available group, including private and password protected.

Subscription based email marketing tools:

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