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Main window

Atomic Subscription Manager - main window

Project tree is the left upper part of the main window, where all created project and rules are displayed as a hierarchical structure. Rules of the same type are grouped together, ex. Web forms, Local file, Email, etc.

Form area is located in the right part of the main window. It changes its contents depending on which item or rule is currently selected in the project tree window (to the left). It can display subscriber list, forms for entering / editing rules or notifications, or project logs.

Toolbar panel is located in the upper part of the main window, where buttons for the most frequently used commands are located:

  • New: creates a new project; analogous to the menu item Add a new list.
  • Options: launches the project settings window. (Menu item File/List's options)
  • Delete: deletes the current project
  • Import: imports subscriber list data from a file (Menu item Tools/Import subscribers list)
  • Export: exports subscriber list data to a file (Menu item Tools/Export subscribers list)
  • Send: run