New statistics dashboard for Atomic Email Service

New statistics dashboard for Atomic Email Service

We present to you a brand-new statistics dashboard for Atomic Email Service, our online platform for sending newsletters.

A fresh, user-friendly interface will accelerate the process of efficiency analysis for every email distribution campaign, and make analysis much easier.

Now in the Statistics menu, you can find 4 tabs: statistics campaign, opens by location, clicks map and error statistics.

To see the statistics, go to “Reports -> My campaigns” and choose the campaign you are interested in.

Campaign results (the number of read and delivered messages, and click-throughs) are presented in the form of a handy pie chart. This will help you make the most effective plan for future emails, based on the day and time of email opening.

You can save statistics results into *.xls and *.pdf files.

Go to your member area and see what the renewed statistics display looks like

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