Atomic Email Hunter 10.0 Update

Atomic Email Hunter 10.0 Update

We present you with the brand-new version of Atomic Email Hunter 10.0 — the program that extracts email addresses from the web pages.

The improved version includes the following changes and innovations:

  • Function of filtering emails by country. Now the program can assume from what country the address owner is, relying on:
    • domain (if, for example, a mailbox ends in “.us”, with a high probability the owner of it is  from the USA)
    • the page, the address was extracted from (for example, if the address of the site ends in “”, it is likely, that the owner is from Ukraine).
  • Additional data in the search results list and the function of its choice. Now you can observe:
    • Page caption
    • Page keywords
    • Page description
    • Expected country
    • Page domain

Version 10.0 has improved URL filtering (list of data which may not contain the address is expanded), as well as improved recognition of encrypted email addresses (autocorrect list of АТ & DOT is increased , as well as a list of characters that cannot contain the address).

Increased the number of User Agent, the function of its random selection is added, which significantly improves the quality of search through search engines.

Also some Mailbox plugin bugs are fixed. This plugin now works only with the registered version of Atomic Email Hunter.

Download the updated Atomic Email Hunter 10.0 here.