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  • Country identification
  • Twitter plugin to extract emails from
  • Facebook plugin to extract emails from
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Email Extraction Features

Email Hunter is software for collecting email addresses from the Internet. This type of software is also known as an email spider. Email spiders crawl web pages on the Internet and extract emails, that are later stored into a document or database.

Creation of a quality email database is one of the most important tasks of email marketing. The quality of the database determines the results of mass mailing.

Our email spider extracts email addresses and the names of their owners from websites and search engines.

  • Targeted search for emails using keywords
    The program searches for the websites that corresponds to the specified keywords and searches for email addresses on selected websites ("Search/Advanced search").
    This is a good way to reach the target audience if you do not have the list of necessary websites to search on.

  • Search for emails on a specified website
    You are able to specify the website to search on ("Search/Search on site"). Enter the URL of the website you are interested in. Atomic Email Hunter will extract all the emails from its pages.

  • Search for emails on site by keywords
    Target your search with our email spider. Enter the website URL and specify the keywords ("Search/Advanced search/Search e-mail addresses on site by keywords"). The program will quickly select the website's pages that contain specified keywords and extract e-mail addresses from them.

  • Search in list
    We have created an option to enter a list of websites or keywords ("Search/Search in list"). So you do not have to wait for one process to finish before starting another. Define the list of URLs or keywords and leave the email spider running. When you come back you will see a long list of new email addresses.

  • Extracting email owner names
    In some cases Atomic Email Hunter can also extract the name of the email owner. It gives you an opportunity to create personalized mailing lists and improve response to your newsletters.

  • Search for email addresses on Facebook
    Social media is a huge base of people contacts and personal information that is free and open. Atomic Email Hunter can scan each social page and extract emails from Facebook with all additional information about the email address owner. Choose the search type – search by a keyword or search on specified webpages URLs – and get a list of leads’ and customers’ email addresses. Fast extraction guarantees you a target base of contact emails that can be saved into a local file. It’s a pretty good way to automate Facebook search.
  • Plugins
    Our email spider supports the additional plugin technology so you can increase program's power and create your own scripts to improve the search. Standard Atomic Email Hunter version includes three free plugins: for searching email by the name of the person, searching for emails in UseNet conferences and search within categories of catalog.

    Additionally, Atomic Email Hunter supports Mailbox, Craigslist and Facebook plugins.

    Mailbox plugin
    Mailbox plugin is very suitable for extracting contact addresses from the user's current email account. So, if you use this plugin, Atomic Email Hunter will scan all the email messages in the mailbox and extract all the available addresses. It's up to the user if set the hunting limitations: search only in headers or additionally scan email content.
    Mailbox plugin for Atomic Email Hunter supports both POP and IMAP connection types, and also SSL connection if required.
    The trial version of Mailbox plugin is available for use right after the software installation. The only limitation of the trial version is determined by the incapability to save the extracted results.

    Craigslist plugin
    Craigslist plugin is developed to extract email addresses from To start working with the plugin as Craigslist email extractor, click the corresponding button on the toolbar and see its settings.

    Facebook plugin
    Facebook plugin is able to collect detailed contact data from Facebook users profiles. This plugin requires authorization - sign in to your social media account or create new if you haven't got one. Then you will be asked to fill in search criteria to search for target audience ('Find people'), review the reaults and click 'Get emails' to get detailed contact information of each person. The program collects email address and user name of the Facebook page owner, current and past job, company website and much more.

  • Search engines settings
    42 search engines are installed in Atomic Email Hunter ("Settings/Search engines"), but only 5 of them are used by the program by default.
    You can change the list of default search engines by selecting those you require or create an additional one. Our email spider supports both edited and created scripts and extracts e-mail addresses from different websites.

  • High speed
    Atomic Email Hunter runs in multithreaded mode: opens many pages at once using the advantages of a broadband Internet connection ("Settings/Common settings/Connection").
    The user can choose the type of search for process optimization. There are two search types allowed:
    • "Fast search" –  works faster but extracts less emails.
    • "Detailed search" – works slower but extracts more emails.
    In comparison to other email spiders that work as usual, the speed of page loading can increase dozen of times.
    Also the user can manage the work speed of the program by specifying the number of threads, timeouts and retry counts to access the website.

  • Proxy-server
    Atomic Email Hunter uses Internet Explorer settings by default ("Settings/Common settings/Proxy settings") and chooses the best proxy server from those you use for site session automatically.

    It is better to specify the proxy server manually ("Settings/Common settings/Proxy settings") as it is the way to define the kind of proxy servers the email spider will use. You just need to enter the proxy address and port number, your login and password.

    Use proxy server if website blocks your IP-address for over limited access attempts.
    Besides, proxy servers can keep your IP-address hidden, so your site visits stay anonymous.

  • E-mail address filter
    The spider allows detecting the advanced criteria of hunting – such as filtering by the domain and URL length, by email addresses, priority links and much more.
    Domain filter ("Settings/Common settings/URL filters") defines the opportunity to limit the domains for searching in (URL must contain…) or the domains for ignoring (URL must NOT contain…).
    Atomic Email Hunter allows to set the criteria for e-mail address filters. The user specifies what filters must and must not contain ("Settings/Common settings/E-mail filters").
    Also the spider allows to set the maximum number of email addresses for extracting from a single site, to specify the max length of a link or to determine the priority pages ("Settings/Common settings/Advanced").

  • Search limitation
    You have an opportunity to manage the hunting limitation. This means you can choose between "All links/Current site only/Current and sub-folders/Current page only" and define the search area for Atomic Email Hunter. The spider will hunt for e-mail addresses, for example, on the current site only, ignoring all the other links.

  • Ignore hidden emails
    On searching process Atomic Email Hunter ignores the hidden emails. The point of this feature is that hidden emails are usually placed as spam traps. This means if you send an email message to such a hidden address, your sender email address will be black-listed.
    The user is capable of ensuring the future email campaigns when activates the option of ignoring the hidden emails ("Settings/Common settings/Advanced").

  • Parse JavaScript
    Our email spider is capable of extracting email addresses that are placed into Java scripts. Considering that Atomic Email Hunter "reads" html-code and extracts addresses from it, the user can optimize the program work by using the "Parse JavaScript" option ("Settings/Common settings/Advanced").
    This option is not active by default. If it is necessary the user can activate it. In such a case Atomic Email Hunter will search and extract email addresses that are hidden with the help of java script. You will get bigger amount of email addresses, but the work-speed will be reduced (though detailed).

  • Skip domain
    Moreover to the URL filtering, the spider has an opportunity to speed up the email address extraction by skipping the specific domains ("Settings/Common settings/Advanced"). This spider feature helps to save the user time and increase the speed of hunting.
    There are some requirements to skip any domain. If no email addresses were found on the determined number of web-pages of one domain, then this domain can be skipped. Sometimes email spiders get trapped on such domains, thus, the spider optimizes the search by ignoring the dead-end email address sources.

  • Timeout between queries
    Atomic Email Hunter provides you with the opportunity to bypass the allowed number of queries to a particular server by setting the timeout – the time delay between the program's requests ("Settings/Common settings/Advanced").
    This option is not active by default. Its activation is recommended if the server begins to reject frequent program requests.

  • Expanded Log
    The spider has an expanded log so you can review the search process results: the link of the page that has been scanned, the time spent for hunting e-mails, the number of extracted e-mails and the page status.
    Additional "Queue" tab allows to view the processed links: page URL and its current status.
    Atomic Email Hunter can save Queue and Log results to the Clipboard or to a file.

  • Save the results
    Atomic Email Hunter saves search partial results automatically. This guarantees the protection of extracted and processed data and lets you resume search if the spider suddently crashed.

  • Export functions
    After stopping e-mail search Atomic Email Hunter represents the expanded contact list with the keyword e-mail address was found by.
    When our email spider finishes its work, it's time to pass over the results to other software for email cleaning and sanitation. You can easily import the results into: You can also copy the results into clipboard and save them as a .txt or .csv file.

  • Confidentiality
    The application behaves like a Microsoft Internet Explorer browser, so its operation is transparent both for your ISP and the website owner. It looks like a regular user browses the website and clicks all the links.

  • Full integration with other Atomic products
    You can transfer e-mail addresses from our email spider into any other Atomic program by a click. You do not need to save the results into a temporary file risking losing any data. Avoid such kind of problems using the package of our programs.

    If you start Atomic Email Hunter using Atomic Email Studio, then all the operations on file creation and exchange between the programs will be done by Atomic Email Studio automatically.

The features mentioned above make Atomic Email Hunter an indispensable tool for email marketing. This application lets you create targeted and personalized email databases for any niche. Also Atomic Email Hunter costs less than any email database available on the market.

Want to Know More About Email Spiders?

If email marketing and expanding your email list is not your daily routine, we will gladly help you find out more about email spiders and how they work. You can contact our support team ask them any questions about our software.