Periodic mailing list verification

Successful e-business managers know that current customers database and mailing list maintenance task is one of the toughest, yet the most rewarding. Besides acquiring and storing subscribers' email addresses database, there is another important task - the periodical email addresses verification. People tend to use several email addresses at once as well as they tend to give up the addresses overwhelmed by spam. And everyone loves getting a new address too!

Thus, the task of periodic mailing list validation occurs. There is a wide choise of software to automate this function. Some of them are better, others are worse. We want to introduce you Atomic Email Verifier, a software for email validation that includes all three possible types of verfications methods. It can verify email addresses on the SMTP server, DNS server and perform fast syntax check.

We recommend you to use the email verification software each time you generate a new mailing list and about once a month for the existing lists.

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