Expanding your mailing list

It is well known that collecting the new targeted email addresses is the most important task for the bulk email marketing campaign. The most importnat thing here is that these new addresses must be really targeted. In other words, if you want to sell books in Florida you do not need the contact addresses of people from the United Kingdom. Using our specialized software you can collect new email addresses that meet your business interests exactly.

Please answer 5 questions, and we will help you choose the best software for enlarge your mailing lists .

1. Do you know the sites that publish email addresses lists? It can be message boards, forums, some member directories, etc.

2. Do you want to search the email addresses in the Net by keywords using the most popular search engines?

3. Do you know the newsgroups that meet your interests? Our Atomic Newsgroup Explorer software can collect email addresses from the NNTP servers. Some groups can be found at Google Groups.

4. How many sites do you visit a day? If this amount is large IE Contacts SPY can be a good companion for extracting both email addresses and phone/fax numbers from each visited site. Please check the box below if you want to use this tool

5. Would you like to have software for automating mailing list management, validating email addresses and sending personalized mass email?

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