We don't offer web based service any longer since we consider Atomic Sender a more affordable and suitable offer.
You get Atomic Bulk Email Service for $ 89.9, no monthly fees.
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Atomic SMTP

You will get:

Secure mailings

High-speed delivery

Expanded SMTP features


Benefits of Atomic SMTP Service

The really quality SMTP-server can highly increase the percentage of delivered emails and is not limited by Internet service provider restrictions. Atomic SMTP service resolves all the problems with the finding external SMTP-servers and does not require any special knowledge or skills to use and customize it.

Now each and every company that does legal email marketing can activate and use a quality SMTP-server for sending their newsletter campaigns.

Atomic SMTP means:

  • Quick and easy integration into any of Bulk Senders, including Atomic Mail Sender
  • A high percentage of incoming emails
  • High sending speed up to 100 000 emails per hour
  • The support of alternative ports make it real to bypass the ISP restriction
  • SPF and DomainKey/DKIM support
  • The opportunity to send many email messages to the unlimited mailing list
  • The removal of "dead" domains, unavailable emails and unsubscribers' addresses
  • The detailed reports that are generated and represented as intuitive charts and saved files
  • No need to purchase any additional software or other server tools. We guarantee 99.98% SMTP service uptime
  • The range of affordable and flexible plans with monthly subscription
  • Easy and free activation and the privacy of personal data

Notice! It is forbidden to send email messages from free mail service email addresses.


And even more:

smtp payment

Use your credit card or PayPal to make a payment online

no contract smtp

Change the current plan to the one you need at any time with no loss.

smtp customization

Customize SMTP server within minutes. Just specify the SMTP configuration in your Atomic member area once and set it up as a default.

smtp support

Our support is a click away from you. Contact our technical support specialists via email or phone and get the answers about the correct SMTP settings and account activation

Commission fee on a transaction is fulfilled by the payer

4.9 % commission of the transaction value, but not less than 1 %