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Atomic SMTP Knowledgebase

smtp integrationOur knowledgebase is designed to help you learn the best way of working with the Atomic SMTP service and for end users interested in Atomic safe-emailing products. The Atomic SMTP server can be integrated into any bulk mailer functionally, and this knowledgebase includes step-by-step instructions for how to do this with most popular mail services.

Key information is represented by topical articles. Just select the appropriate article to find answers to your questions.

The detailed user guide to Atomic SMTP integration will help you to configure the interactions between the server and your bulk email software in a structured, practical approach.

We are also working on improving our knowledgebase by providing useful information on everything that has to do with emails: definitions of terms, common issues, technical problems, SMTP configuration and so on

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Did our knowledgebase help to answer your questions? We are continuously updating the contents to make it as useful as possible, so please contact us with your suggestions for additional content you’d like to see included.