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Program for bulk email sendings

  • Flexible SMTP settings
  • Proxy server support
  • Detailed statistics
  • Spam check
  • Unsubscribe wizard
  • Free templates
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Newsletter Software Features

Atomic Mail Sender is first and foremost a newsletter software, which means it has all the required tools and facilities for sending email newsletters in the most efficient way. Of course, you can send any type of emails, such as announcements, promotional emails and notifications, as long as you have a list of recipients. Our software is designed to get your emails through no matter what.

Unlimited email lists

It is possible to import mailing list ("Recipients" –> Recipients List –> "Import") as follows:

  • from file (*.csv, *.txt, *.xls, *.xlsx, *.doc, *.docx, *.mdb, *.accdb)
  • from database DBF
  • from the clipboard
  • from Outlook Address Book
  • from other Atomic programs designed for collecting e-mail addresses from the Internet, local files, newsgroups and whois databases.
  • new created mailing lists

Our newsletter software has no limitations on the length of your email lists - Sky's the limit.

SMTP-server availability

The software allows three SMTP-server types: built-in, external and partner. SMTP Wizard ("SMTP Wizard" button) helps you to choose and customize SMTP server for mail delivery.

  • built-in SMTP
    Built-in SMTP-server has been already fixed into the program. It helps to send e-mail messages directly bypassing the go-between SMTP servers and increase the delivery speed maximally. But it is possible only when your provider does not forbid direct sending. Otherwise you have to customize your own SMTP-server or choose the partner one.
  • external SMTP servers
    If the direct mailing cannot be done or is forbidden, our newsletter software sends e-mail messages via external SMTP servers. These are user customized SMTP-servers. Finding external SMTP server is the most important task for the user. After going through these steps the program will use external SMTP for mail delivery. The number of external SMTP-servers are unlimited and the multithread delivery improves the sending speed.
  • partner SMTP-server (recommended for usage)
    If it is too difficult for you to find and customize external SMTP-server, and the direct delivery is impossible, then probably the only easy way is to use partner SMTP server. Atomic Mail Sender is integrated with SendPulse SMTP. Click here to learn more about SendPulse SMTP service.

    We insist on setting SMTP rotation to improve mail sending speed. Specify the allowed number of e-mail messages for an active server and the multithread-sending.

Proxy servers

Like any other newsletter software, Atomic Mail Sender can send e-mail messages by using proxy servers. The program supports Socks 4, Socks 4A and Socks 5 proxy servers. By using proxy rotation you specify incremental sending settings via several SMTP servers.

Besides, the program checks the status of proxy servers and deletes dead ones automatically before starting the delivery.

SSL/TLS authentication support

SSL/TSL are the protocols of the protected Internet communication. Simply put, these are encryption protocols that allow the entire and confidential data exchange. Also, They allow reconnection without the recurrent authentication and grant safe communication via e-mail.

Many servers use SSL/TSL protocols to hide the information about e-mail content, passwords and other data that is transferred from a client to a server and vice versa.

Main benefits of SSL/TSL protocols lay in the opportunity of working with almost all kinds of SMTP servers and encrypt transferred data.

Facebook, Twitter and Google+ widgets

Newsletter software from Atompark helps you increase your presence on social media. There is a custom function of inserting Facebook and Twitter widgets in the program ("Insert/Facebook link|Twitter link"). Every widget is followed with a fixed link to the social media page. The option brings at least several positive results: subscriber's participation in your social media activity and the opportunity for them to share your information with friends.

Besides when you insert social widgets you conduce e-mail messages bypassing through e-mail filters that increases inboxing rate.

"Unsubscribe link" insertion

You insert an Unsubscribe link and enter the text that will be visible under the link ("Insert/Unsubscribe link"). By doing so, the user will be able to unsubscribe at any time and your mailing lists will synchronize automatically.

Unsubscribe link allows two modes for unsubscribing.

The first option is to unsubscribe by e-mail. You need to specify the default e-mail message subject and e-mail addresses for getting unsubscribe requests to it. It is recommended to define POP3 server settings for updating mailing list of the current project automatically.

The second option allows to unsubscribe via website. You should enter the URL of the web-page where unsubscribe form is placed and set the access parameters.

It is necessary to insert "Unsubscribe link" in every e-mail campaign. Otherwise your e-mail message will be qualified as spam.

Email message personalization

To personalize an e-mail message means to insert personal recipient information into the current e-mail message ("Insert/E-mail merge data"). Note that all the data you want to insert must be imported beforehand in form of additional columns in the mailing list. This is necessary because of data merging that is done by implementing macros (for example %_SENDER_NAME_%). They will be replaced with the corresponding column information after sending.

Email personalization is standard for email newsletter software - it is one of the practical ways to bypass spam filters and reach recipient inbox folder.

Text spin

Spin-text is represented by a random text or word that the software inserts into email message body ("Insert/E-mail merge data/Random text|Random word").

The random text is generated by the program considering parameters that were specified by the user. The random word can be set by the user after creation of a word group. Both first and second method can be used to make your message more personalized.It's a lot easier to bypass spam filters by implementing text-spin as messages of equal size are usually blocked.

Spam Check

You can check the finished/completed message for spam with help of Spam Assassin ("Spam Check" button). This spam filter tests e-mail message and provides you with a score. The less the total score, the more the possibility for your e-mail message to be delivered into the "Inbox".

Apart from the total score, Spam Assassin describes the mistakes present and gives an advice on what to do in order to avoid such a mistakes in future.

You increase the chances of your e-mail message to bypass spam filters by performing spam check.

Check the Firewall and find out if there are inbound traffic rules for Spam Assassin that allows the Internet connection. Otherwise, a warning window will appear in case of Spam Assassin connection to the web.

Even though newsletter software is meant for legal use, it can also be used by "spammers", who send large quantities of emails. Sometimes spam filters mistake email newsletters for emails from spammers - that's why it's important to test how your email is perceived by spam filters.

HTML and Plain text format support

Atomic Mail Sender fully supports both email formats – plain text and HTML.

Text mode limits the user in text editing capabilities. It displays the alternative text part that synchronizes with the HTML part automatically, and it is a necessary feature for preparing mails for old e-mail clients that do not support up-to-date HTML.

There is a special HTML mode for creating e-mail messages. It supports full e-mail message editing (the usage of different fonts, tables, images and hyperlinks), including additional Atomic Mail Sender features:

  • inserting Facebook, Twitter and Google+ widgets
  • inserting "Unsubscribe link"
  • e-mail message personalization
  • inserting random text/word
  • spam check.

You can attach files of any types in both modes.

Use "Preview" tab to view your message in browser or Outlook address book.You can use pre-made templates to create an e-mail message or contact our designer and order your own individual letter template.

Proxy checker

After you add a proxy server you can verify its availability. The Proxy Checker will show if the server is online or offline, determine its speed of connection and define the proxy server name. In order to remove offline servers and speed up the delivery of email messages, just clear the tick box near the proxy server.

Image editor

Once you insert a picture, it can be edited. To do so, click on the image with the right mouse button and go to the image editor.

The following options are available:

  • crop
  • resize
  • brightness/contrast
  • flip horizontal
  • flip vertical
  • rotate 90 counter-clockwise
  • rotate 90 clockwise
  • rotate 180

Email analysis

This function checks if your message matches certain rules, that help messages pass spam filters. For example, the presence of preheader, words written with CAPS, coincidence in text color and its background, the ratio of the text and images and much more.

As a result you will get a list of recommendations to improve the message – what parts should be added, modified or deleted in order for your email to be delivered to the inbox.

After making necessary changes, you can re-analyze the letter and see the result.

In order to analyze the letter - go to "Service" - "Email analysis"

Link checker

With the help of new Link Checker you will be able to avoid sending email messages with invalid or dead links. After the verification a link will be given one of these statuses:

  • correct
  • incorrect but the website is valid
  • website is unavailable

Unsubscribe Wizard

Built-in unsubscribe wizard ("Recipients" –> Recipients List –> "Unsubscribe") simplify and automate the process of deleting unsubscribers.

There are three ways to update mailing list in Atomic Mail Sender:

  • by entering the list of addresses to be removed;
  • by checking mailbox and removing e-mail addresses that sent messages with the unsubscribe request;
  • by checking web form and the list of e-mail addresses for removal. Find more about scripts for sign up and unsubscribe forms here.

Atomic Mail Sender supports the projects created with Atomic Subscription Manager, the program for removing recipients and adding the subscribers to your mailing list automatically.

Please see more information about Atomic Subscription Manager at

Email Tracking

When you send newsletters using Atomic Mail Sender, you sure want to know how well they perform.

You can review statistics over the sent campaign – who reads your messages, what are the most clickable links, CTR, a lot of different charts etc.

Email tracking is done with the help of Atomic Email Tracker, a web based service for tracking sent e-mail messages. As a result of complete integration of all Atomic products you can easily activate campaign tracking in Atomic Mail Sender within 15 seconds ("Service/Atomic Email Tracker").


Learn more about Atomic Email Tracker at

Atomic Mail Sender also supports Google Analytics, with the only rule – you need to have a necessary script at your website page ("Service/Google Analytics").

Detailed reports

Atomic Mail Sender represents different report types on the current e-mail campaign status. The program can generate both individual and grouped reports under specified criteria ("Send" –> Send Mail Monitor –> "Reports").

The recommended format to save is MS Excel, but you can save it in any desired format.

Built-in tools for mailing list management

The application has basic tools for mailing list management ("Recipients" button –> Recipients List) – Atomic Mail Sender allows adding and deleting email addresses, sorting and randomizing the list, editing information fields, deleting suspicious and duplicated addresses.


If you need more list management features consider Atomic List Manager, the application for email list management and improvement.

Complete integration with other Atomic products

Atomic Mail Sender allows you to use the mailing lists prepared in other Atomic programs, such as email address extraction and management software. Email extraction programs can quickly export emails into Atomic Mail Sender without routine export and import operations.

If you start Atomic Mail Sender using Atomic Email Studio, then all the operations on file creation and exchange between the programs will be done by Atomic Email Studio automatically.

More Information About Newsletter Software

If you need assistance with setting up the software or have questions about it's usage - don't hesitate to contact us. We have a team of dedicated professionals who are ready to help you all along the way. Contact our support team.