Atomic Mail Sender

Program for bulk email sendings

  • Flexible SMTP settings
  • Proxy server support
  • Detailed statistics
  • Spam check
  • Unsubscribe wizard
  • Free templates
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Atomic Mail Sender v.9.55

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Atomic Mail Sender Screenshots

Atomic Mail Sender - Main Window

Main window of Atomic Mail Sender

You can create a message like you do in Outlook by using any font styles, inserting images and attaching files. All common text editing controls are available.

Atomic Mail Sender - Email Template window

Email templates

You can send plain text emails, use your own template or create your email newsletter by using built-in HTML templates. The collection of templates is constantly growing.

Atomic Mail Sender - Email merging

Mail merge

Mail merge is the perfect solution towards creating a single e-mail message that contains unique variables. The data variables will be used to specify the recipient's name, address date and IP when they subscribe, etc. When the mail merge is run, each letter will be personalized so you will address your reader by name.

Atomic Mail Sender - Inserting Unsubscribe Links

Insert unsubscribe link

It's easy to insert an unsubscribe link into your email. Users can unsubscribe by email or by visiting a special page on your website with an unsubscribe form.

Atomic Mail Sender - Inserting social icons (facebook, twitter, etc.)

Insert Twitter or Facebook icon

You can insert a Facebok or Twitter link into your email by clicking an icon on the right.

Atomic Mail Sender - Text Spinner

Use spintax

Avoid sending exactly the same letter to all your reader base. After clicking the spintax icon you can add variations by clicking "Ins" button.

Atomic Mail Sender - Google Analytics support. Track email messages

Enable Google Analytics

Using Google Analytics on your website? Learn how many users click through to your website from your newsletters.

Atomic Mail Sender - Atomic Email Tracker support

Enable Atomic Email Tracker

Register with the Atomic Email Tracker service and enable tracking in Service-> Atomic Email Tracker. You can track exactly who opens your emails and clicks on the links given in them.

Atomic Mail Sender - built-in SPAM Check

Run spam check

Check your email with SpamAssasin and see if you made any mistakes that could possibly make your message look like spam.

Atomic Mail Sender - Email List Editor

Email addresses

Create, edit and save your mailing lists along with any additional data for data merge/personalization.

Atomic Mail Sender - Removing unsubscribers, subscription management

Remove unsubscribed users

Remove unsubscribed readers by pasting the list of emails, checking your mail box or downloading the list from your website.

Atomic Mail Sender - SMTP Wizard

SMTP Wizard

A good SMTP is key to better inboxing rates. You can use your own SMTP or buy SMTP relays from our partners.

Atomic Mail Sender - Common Settings

Common settings

Here you can change the main connection settings.

Atomic Mail Sender - SMTP Settings

SMTP settings

Add and remove SMTP servers; configure how Atomic Mail Sender will use them.

Atomic Mail Sender - Message details, properties

Message details editing window

In the Message properties window you can define the return address, the name of the sender of the message and other return information in order to provide the recipient with means to determine how to respond to the sender if needed. Any files can be attached to the message here.

Atomic Mail Sender - Test messages

Test message

It is a good idea to send a test message to verify if the message looks right and the settings are correct. Send it to your another address first before sending to your entire list.

You can view the sent message log in the 'SMPT connection report' describing the message-sending process to know at what stage the error, if any, has occurred. If test message is ok, you can use the program for bulk mailing.

Atomic Mail Sender - Scheduler


Schedule delayed delivery of your email messages by specifying particular rules for your projects (email campaigns).

To see the list of currently scheduled projects, add new tasks, edit or delete existing tasks, use the Service -> Scheduled projects command.

Atomic Mail Sender - Emailing monitoring

Send mail monitor

Here you can stop, pause and resume the sending process or just view the detailed reports at any time you like.

Atomic Mail Sender - Email Campaign reports

Sent emails reports

You can generate a report with a list of sent/failed emails for later use.