How to optimize sending SMS from pc in South Africa

Do you wonder “is there an app to send mass text messages”? Then you’ve just found the answer to this question. Atomic SMS is a free soft for sending bulk text messages (SMS) via the Internet. Just install the bulk text messaging app and start sending bulk text messages from a computer, laptop. Use our mass text message app to send mass text messages through Atomic SMS Sender Gateway at an incredible speed.

Start your campaign with the quick registration on the Atomic SMS Sender service.  The price of sending mass SMS is equal to the online SMS sender rates.

There are few solutions for sending bulk texts or SMS. Either  from your personal computer or from a notebook, do it globally by means of your Internet safe & fast in no time with the help of a single platform.

You may easily choose to arrange sending SMS from pc with Atomic SMS Sender. It allows working from Desktop. Such  bulk SMS solution may work through SMS Sender gateway and requires registration with the SMS service center. You may also use API connection.

It’s easy and safe to set up multiple  text messages from your pc, when you have a great assistant. You may send text messages to small, medium & large group of people. Use any of the options to launch bulk SMS as an automated bunch.

Atomic SMS Sender is a unique messaging program applied for your OS. It is  designed to send free SMS from pc to mobile worldwide. 

Why Atomic software to send bulk SMS from pc

There is an ability to integrate your website and SMS service. This feature allows sending SMS automatically according to the user's actions. Furthermore, you can use our service not only on the Web but also on your PC.

The Atomic solution offers you free software for sending bulk SMS from pc to mobile and makes it easy without specific skills or hardware needed. Why us?

  • SMS Sender from Desktop is a user-friendly & intuitive platform.

  • It’s well-equipped for sending SMS and bulk business SMS campaigns online.

  • Allows segmentation of your target audience.

  • Provides text message templates.

  • API integration provided.

So, you’re welcome to send & receive your messages with ease. The platform is designed to provide mobile marketing via sending bulk text messages (SMS) from your PC as smoothly as you do it from mobile. 

 How to start SMS texting from pc?

The algorithm of actions is really simple which a huge plus is for a beginner. To launch your SMS campaign: 

  1. Download the program to your PC.

  2. Access the platform with the username and password that will be provided to you after the registration.

  3. Recharge your account with the budget you have for your text messages campaign.

  4. Load your contacts.

  5. To create a group text message, add up to seven names or phone numbers.

  6. Enter your message text/ create a template.

  7. Click Send to send SMS from pc South Africa with no boundaries. 

Start a program on your computer is as easy as online, besides, provides the comfort of working.

Have you been seeking an effective SMS solution that makes your business communication efficient with no loss? It’s us!

Advantages of sms texting from pc with Atomic Bulk SMS Sender

  • The mass text messaging app is easy-to-use and convenient interface
  • Simple installation and configuration: all you need is to log in Atomic SMS Sender service (register it beforehand)
  • Easy to customize and run your mass SMS campaigns
  • Atomic mass texting app is free: you only pay for sent SMS messages.

Atomic Mass Texting Software Screenshots

After installing our free software for sending bulk sms from pc to mobile, enter your account data (registration email and password). If you still do not have an account, please signup.

sms dender software

To modify, click on More Options link of the Settings window. Here you can change the language, see available updates, specify the report's configuration, status checking, and many other features of the mass text app.

send bulk sms

You can start a new campaign in the main SMS menu. Just fill in your name field, enter recipients’ telephone numbers and text message content. And bulk texting app is ready for SMS campaign.

Bulk SMS Software

Atomic mass SMS app fits all requirements of your marketing. Send bulk text messages all over the world quickly and easily as never before!

Download bulk SMS free app demo version and send sms from pc in South Africa and all over the world.

Commission fee on a transaction is fulfilled by the payer

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