How To Write An Email Correctly?

    You need to read this manual, as these instructions help deliver your email campaigns to recipients' inboxes. Otherwise, we cannot guarantee satisfactory delivery, because spam filters pay attention to all of the following factors.

    • Sender's name
    • When you specify the data in the "Sender's name" field, make sure that it clearly describes the person sending the newsletter. The name must be specific so your recipients do not confuse you with anyone else.

    • Message subject
    • Mention the name of your company or brand in the subject line. Even if the recipient consented to receive your mailings, he may not immediately recognize you. For example, such message subjects as "The daily email from Company," or "Your monthly update on Product Name," help users immediately recognize your newsletter.

      In the case of an incorrect or unclear subject line, users often click the "Spam" button.

    • The source of the address
    • Specifying how you got a recipient's email address and reminding them of their agreement to receive emails is a mandatory part of every newsletter. For example: "You are receiving this email because you are a member of the shopping club," or "You are receiving this email because you subscribed on Website". We recommend specifying this information in the footer of the letter.

      If such information is not available, a letter can automatically be identified as spam.

    • Contact
    • All emails that are sent to users must include real—not electronic—contact information about the sender, including a telephone number and physical address.

      If such information is not available, a letter can automatically be identified as spam.

      The template can be downloaded here.

      We will be glad if these tips help you to send email campaigns successfully.

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