FAQ and Common Questions about Atomic Software

If there's a question you have or something you want to know concerning Atomic products, AtomPark Software activities and the fieled the company acting in, then let us know by sending your question to AtomPark Software support team by using the Online Feedback Form.

Or read the answers for some typical questions below:


How to upgrade to a newer version?

There are 2 ways to download newer versions (upgrade) of ordered software:

  • on any our websites at http://www.massmailsoftware.com/d/- click Download (s) on the top menu
  • in the Members' Area -> My Orders at http://www.atompark.com/members/orders.php find the "Completed orders" form and just click the appropriate EXE-FILE.

Exe-file is a trial version just for evaluation. If you need a fully functional version, it will need activation with a registration key.

Our clients have the right to upgrade the AtomPark software for FREE within one year from the moment of purchase. If you are under one-year free upgrade, your old registration key will stay valid for newer versions. Note your key never expires and will work for lifetime! If you do not wish to upgrade then use version you originally purchased or one you updated to during one year.

Please, refer to the Members' Area -> My orders to track your orders status and renew or upgrade your programs.

Can I get an Atomic product newer version for free if I ordered it less then 1 year ago?

YES. In case if your order was made less then 1 year ago, you are entitled to one-year free upgrade to newer versions of ordered products. Upgrade can be done from Download (s) menu on our websites or from the Members' Area (for detail, please refer to the previous query), after downloading an up-to-date trial should be registered with your old registration key.

Where can I find a link to download a new version of your program?

The latest versions of our software are always available in the Download sections on our websites and in the Members' Are

Members' Area (MA) Account

Why should I log in to the Members' Area?

Through your MA personal account you can:

  • obtain registration keys,
  • download the latest versions of Atomic products,
  • print invoices,
  • order other Atomic software with client discount,
  • get use of special client offers,
  • find a lot of other related information..
How do I register to use the MA if I've recently purchased your program?

In 5 - 40 minutes after filling out an order form, you should receive two emails:

  • the first one confirms your order;
  • the second one contains login data to access your AtomPark Members' Area account.

When ordering our software, please, verify all the values before submitting data, especially your email address!

Sometimes our letters can be blocked by your email server or Internet provider, placed into unwanted mail folder by your email client or you just could enter wrong values. In such cases, don't hesitate to get in contact with us using our online contact form, do not wait for too long.


Why should I register my trial and how do I do that?

Atomic software is distributed under shareware license. That means you can download and install an unregistered version (trial) of our software for free and evaluate it before purchasing. In such trial version, some features are locked. To extend the capabilities of your trial version you should register it with a registration key when the program requests you to do so or from the top menu of your software by choosing Help -> Registration.

Registration procedure implies that you purchase a registration key by filling out the order form given on the "Purchasing" page (or via Members' Area available for existing customers).

Any major credit cards are accepted for payment.

Still have not received an activation key for the Atomic software I purchased . Can you advise me why?

Usually our email concerning information where to get your registration key is sent in 5 - 30 minutes after completing out an ordering process. In spite of that, our letter can be blocked by your email server or Internet provider or you can just misspell your email address. In such a case, don't hesitate to get in contact with us using our online support form.

I've just purchased software from you, but a registration key is not accepted. Why?

Disable your anti-virus software and firewall to allow the software to access our server. Otherwise, contact us for we could fix the problem.

I have lost my registration key, can you please forward it to me.

There is no need actually! Your registration keys are stored and available in the My Orders section of your personal Members' Area (MA) account.

Note! If you don't remember or have not received your MA password, please retrieve it from login page at http://www.atompark.com/members/ (using the same email address as provided in order form), your MA password will be sent via email.

I`m trying to upgrade Atomic software but my old registration key is not working. Why?

Try turning off your antivirus. If still no luck then head to Registration Troubleshooting or contact us.


How can I get a refund?

OS support

What OS does your software work on?

Please be kindly adviced that our software works on Windows XP, Windows Vista and Windows 7


Can you give me a phone number so I can call and ask a product before I order it?

Yes, now we provide phone support. Phone number is available here. Please note, that email can give us more time to research your problem and respond with a more detailed reply than we would be able to provide by telephone. To send us email please use Atomic support ticket system.

Common Technical Questions about Atomic Software

Atomic Mail Sender

My Atomic Mail Sender has stopped working. I get error 10004. Any suggestions?

Please send us the whole error report for non-sent email address. This report is available in "Send Mail Monitor" window in "Bad" page after the address has failed. You also should try checking your antivirus, antispam and firewall settings. These programs can block the program to access Internet. The other possible solution is to open Settings / ISP Troubleshooting and set to use your ISP mail server to deliver email.

I can't send mail to @aol.com and @hotmail.com addresses. Please advise.
Please could you let me know why I only get the program to 'delivering' status and that's it. Nothing seems to go out at all.

Please try to send your mail via ISP SMTP: open Settings / ISP troubleshooting and enter your ISP mail server address there.

If I use mass mailer to reach a certain market segment does that go through my ISP? I'm worried about getting spam reports and being bumped by my server. It sounds like this program has a work-around designed to solve that problem. Does it?

Atomic Mail Sender has its own built in SMTP server. This allows you to bypass your ISPs server and deliver the messages directly to the recipients inbox. Atomic Mail Sender delivers e-mail without using any other servers. (The message is not logged or stored on any servers, other than the receiving one, making it available only to the recipient.) But some providers don't accept mail from SMTP servers located on the dial-up computers, that's why some mail should be delivered using your ISP.

How many e-mails can I send in one click?

There is not an actual limit. You can set the number of messages you want to send simultaneously: Settings -> Common settings -> Mailer settings and then enter your number. But it shouldn't be a very large one, for example 300.

Why do I get my email in the "junk email folder" instead of the "Inbox"?

Usually it depends on the content of your message. Your message shouldn't contain any spam words such as "VIAGRA, CIALIS FOR FREE" etc.

I don't see any instructions on how to extract emails from Outlook for use in an email campaign.

Please open Message menu/Recipients list and use Import mailing list form Outlook address book option.

Also you may use Atomic Email Logger and its plugins to extract email addresses from different mail clients (Outlook Express, Outlook, Eudora, and The Bat!). Please buy them at www.massreach.com/buy/eml-plugins.htm.

I have registered my program and started mass-mailing. Why is this running slow? Please let me know!

The process can be slow because of the message size. Try not to attach many files. Also, HTML-bases messages go twice slower then text-based email. You can choose Format / Text to change the message type. You can also try setting the number of messages you want to send simultaneously: Settings -> Common settings -> Mailer settings and then enter your number. But it shouldn't be a very large one, for example 300.

Can this software be used for more than one mailing list?
Yes, you can create as many lists as you want.
Is there a way to personalize the emails I send out without having to enter them manually?

Open Message / Recipients list and at the tool bar you'll see a tool which looks like a cursor (It's to the left of the yellow folder). Here you'll find all necessary options. See also this page for more info.

Can I merge the composed email message with my mailing list and other data?
Can Bulk Emailer be setup to pause for X seconds or minutes between each email being sent?

Sorry, but there is not such option in the current version. You can try decrease the threads count in Common Settings window. It can help.

When I try to send to a list of test recipients I get the message 'the host is not reachable at this time'.
You should try again later. If it doesn't work, please send us the error log.

Atomic Mail Verifier

When I try to use Verifier it won't find any valid email addresses or domains. Please advise.

Please send us the log for some invalid addresses. It's available on the right side after you right click on the address.

When trying to verify addresses I get the error message "Invalid - server not found", even on known good addresses. I even plugged in my actual email addresses and the same error. I AM LOST! I get the following message in the error log "NO MX ENTRIES AVAILABLE".

You should check DNS in your Settings (Settings -> Common settings -> DNS) or you should try to use proxy server (Settings -> Common settings -> Proxy). If you don't know your DNS, you should ask your current Internet provider.

Atomic Email Hunter

I am trying to get an organizations email membership email addresses from a site. I am able to get some emails of officers and departments of the organization but not membership.

You can try to increase hunting depth level, click on "Advanced" button to change this setting.

Atomic Whois Explorer

I have just purchased a licensed version of Atomic Whois Explorer. Is there any way to limit the email addresses to the first address instead of grabbing all email addresses for the domain name?

Sorry, but there is not such option.

Technical support providing

Who is eligible to receive free technical support

Free technical support is provided to:

  • Existing customers who bought our software less than one year ago
  • Customers who purchased more than a year ago and there is a critical malfunction ("bug") in the old version can get free support

The reason of such limitations is the fact that we are receiving too many support requests containing random questions on email marketing and different email settings, not related to our products and services.

Existing clients, that use our software for more than 1 year can get free technical support only if software update is purchased.

These technical support rules are related to software clients only while all the online web services users are provided with free support as long as they stay subscribed to our services.