Email Scraper Overview

    Atomic Email Hunter is a desktop email scraper software designed to scrape emails from websites and search engines along with associated usernames. Simply put, this tool can be used to get target list of email addresses.

    How? To scrape emails from websites just enter an actual URL or specific keywords into the search bar and click the "Start" button. Want to see the program at work, watch the video below.


    How does scraping emails work?

    Our software works just as well as using Internet search engines but is faster, saving you from searching websites for emails. After you enter targeted keywords, our tool uses Google (or any other search engines of 42 available) to scan all web pages related to the topic. Then it proceeds to collect all email addresses from the found pages. This search type is unique among similar products.


    Main Features Of Email Scraping with Atomic Email Hunter

    Email Scraper software features include a range of filters for the fine adjustment of program settings and for more exact searches, like the following:

    • The ability to work with several websites devoted to one specific theme or to choose a single website and find email addresses there based on specified keywords.
    • The opportunity to configure business Email Scraper to search through webpages on the condition that they include words like "feedback", "contacts", "about us", etc.
    • The capacity to limit the search paths and depth.
    • The support of working in multi-threaded mode, so it runs very fast and collects more email addresses than similar programs during the same time interval.

    Atomic Email Hunter requires very few computer resources and can be run quietly in the background while you tend to business.

    That's the whole beauty of it - Atomic website email scraper never gets tired or mad at you. It's always here to generate millions of email leads for you, and all you have to do is configure it properly.

    Unlike other email scraping software, Atomic Email Hunter needs no additional applications and supports work via proxy servers. This feature is quite an important one for these kinds of email scrapers and is fully supported by Email Hunter. It finds emails using proxies and multi-thread spidering.

    With Atomic Email Hunter, we've attempted to create email scraping software that is both flexible and independent from its owner, it allows you to collect emails without participating in the process until the whole thing is over and you can start organizing and filtering your email list.


    How to scrape emails from a website with Atomic Email Hunter

    1. Download our email scraper freeware or buy a program. Install and open it.
    2. Choose the email scrapping tool search type:
      If you want to grab contact information from specific websites enter a list of URLs or extract addresses from a web page, Facebook or Twitter, domains, by keywords or location. In addition to the address, you can find its owner’s names, websites, companies, etc.
    3. Start the email scraping. When the software ends searching, save the results in any convenient format.

    The search and contact lists are unlimited, so you can scrape email addresses at any time and at any scale.


    Note that any email address scraper only extracts email addresses and does not guarantee their validity. To make sure that your mailing list is contains valid email addresses you can verify gathered emails before using. For sending bulk newsletters we recommend Atomic Mail Sender, or simply use Atomic Email Studio — our all-in-one email marketing solution.

    Got Questions?

    If you feel like you are missing something, there is a bunch of support people waiting for you call, so do not hesitate to contact us with any questions and suggestions you might have about email address scraper and its configuration. In addition, you can take a look at our support section for extra info.

    What is email scraping?

    It’s an automatic search and collection of contact information, email addresses, phone numbers on the web with the help of specialized tools like email scrapping software or services.

    How to scrape email addresses from Facebook?

    Atomic Email Hunter can scrape emails from Facebook by keywords. Just login to your account and start search. Find more detailed instruction in our article “How to extract emails from Facebook with Atomic Email Hunter”.

    What can you do with Web scraping?

    You can find addresses of the target audience and email them directly with your offer or start an ad campaign based on the extracted emails. Thus, you will grow your mailing list of potential clients and boost sales.

    How to scrape targeted emails from any website?

    Just choose the website, copy its URL, and paste it to the Atomic Email Hunter. The tool will scrape the website and find the target email address. It also can scrape a list of websites. For this, you just need to enter a list of URLs and set filters to extract the contacts you need.

    How to scrape business emails?

    If you want to scrape emails of some company employees but can’t find all of them on the website, use Atomic Email Hunter. This email scraper software will parse the company domain and extract a list of its employees’ contacts for you. Just paste the company domain in the search field and start scraping.

    How to scrape emails for free?

    You can use free Atomic Email Hunter demo as an email scraper freeware. Download and use all features for 7 days without any payments. No credit card required. The only limitation is that you can’t save the search results in a file. Just try and test it right now.

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