Testimonial from Terry Samples (USA) about Atomic Email Studio

Great Program! I will stand behind you products as a very cost effective marketing tool well suite of tools and it as certainly increased my sales, I wish all products that were out there had your ROI.

I Must Say, This Company Never Ceases To Amaze Me. Not Only Is The Above Every Bit As True And Accurate As It Was The Day That I Made The Comment.  Tonight I had To Go Online To Their Support. Not Due To The Software. As It Will Happen The Computer That I Run The Software On, Has A Catastrophic Failure. I Replaced The Unit With A New Computer.  I Went to their website, Fully Expecting  To “ jump Through A Few Hoops”. No Matter How Great The Software Was, No Matter How Very Helpful The Staff Had Been When I Had Purchased The Software. It was two Years Later And I had Even Changed My Email Address. (The Email You Use When Purchase Becomes Your User Name) , And It Was 2:00AM Monday  Morning! Much To My Surprise When I clicked To Begin Chat  A Support Tech. Mike Responded. He Was Friendly, Knowledgeable, He Looked Up My Account, Changed The E-Mail To My New One. He Send Me A Link To The Download Area,  Made Certain I Could Log-In an Activate my download!

All Companies  Could Learn A lot About Customer Care, Customer Satisfaction And Customer Retention From Atomic Park.

Terry Samples (USA)
The AFRN Group Inc.