Atomic Newsgroup Explorer

Atomic Newsgroup Explorer (ANE) is a fast and effective program to extract contacts from UseNet newsgroups: namely, email addresses and usernames.

Using Atomic Newsgroup Explorer is as easy as 1, 2, 3:

  1. Enter any NNTP server address or choose it from the default list
  2. Mark some niche-related UseNet groups to explore
  3. Press "Start" to begin the contact extraction process. The first contact names and email addresses will appear within seconds.

One of the most important features of ANE is the capability to work with private newsgroups locked by password, and servers that do not show all available groups. You can also enter a known UseNet group name manually to process it.

Results can be saved to a .TXT or .CSV file, Windows Clipboard, MS Word or MS Excel application.

Atomic Newsgroup Extractor does not depend on any additional software the way many email grabbers depend on third-party libraries.

Atomic Newsgroup Extractor requires very few machine resources and can run quietly in the background on any computer running Windows (95, 98, ME, NT, 2000, XP, Vista, Windows 7) with a connection to the Internet and open NNTP port.


As some files can contain "dead" or invalid email addresses, we recommend that you verify gathered e-mails for validity. For message broadcasting, you can use Atomic Mail Sender software. Or, just use Atomic Email Studio as your all-in-one email marketing solution.

Save 30% with a package including 6 email extractors

To get a great number of new e-mail addresses and save 30%, click the Discounts & Packages section and purchase the "Massreach package" including 6 collectors as follows:

  1. Atomic Email Hunter extracts e-mails from the Internet;
  2. Atomic Email Logger finds and collects e-mails from wherever on your computer;
  3. Atomic Whois Explorer collects personal data of the Internet domains' owners from WHOIS database;
  4. Atomic Newsgroup Explorer gathers e-mails and user names from newsgroups;
  5. Atomic Web Spider web browser plugin automatically collects contact information from every site you visit including password protected ones.
  6. Atomic CD Extractor extracts e-mails from any CDs and DVDs.

Have you ever searched for the best email extractor capable of doing millions of things? We don't have one, but we've created a whole range of tools, each serving a specific email extraction purpose depending on how and from where you want to extract emails.

Atomic Newsgroup Explorer Screenshots

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Atomic Newsgroup Explorer - Main Window

Atomic Newsgroup Explorer - Collected emails

Atomic Newsgroup Explorer - Saving results

Atomic Newsgroup Explorer - Email address export

Our clients about Atomic Newsgroup Explorer:

Some say newsgroups are worthless - not really if you know what you are doing. Excellent product.

Mark Pennington