Atomic Newsgroup Explorer

Atomic Newsgroup Extractor Features

Newsgroup Explorer extracts emails from messages on NNTP servers. It's indispensable if your target audience socializes in one or a few of such conferences.

Newsgroups are communities of people who are interested in different topics. All conferences on NNTP servers are well structured. Every group has a unique name. The name of the group gives a clear idea about the subject they discuss.

Atomic Newsgroup Explorer main features:

  • Fast email address extracting
    Atomic Newsgroup Explorer searches for email addresses in messages on NNTP servers. Besides, it can extract the user name if it appears in the source message.
    The program works in multithread mode, so it lets you use the advantages of a broadband connection and reduce the time needed to extract emails. The more threads you specify the faster the program works, just make sure your computer can handle that.

  • Supporting all types of NNTP servers
    Atomic Newsgroup Explorer supports all types of NNTP servers.
    Three most popular NNTP servers are available in the program by default. Extract email addresses from their all or several newsgroups.
    You are allowed to select the necessary NNTP server by yourself and load all groups from it for extracting email addresses. You also have an opportunity to set the authorization data for accessing a particular NNTP server ("Settings/Internet settings").
    Atomic Newsgroup Explorer can work on private password-protected servers.

  • Expanded log
    Expanded log displays the full list of extracted email addresses, the user name and the newsgroup the current address was found in.

  • Newsgroup management
    You can delete, add a new newsgroup or select several ones for extracting email addresses from. Inspect the chosen newsgroup for email existence separately or work with all groups simultaneously.

  • Contact management
    Atomic Newsgroup Explorer provides you with an opportunity to manage extracted email addresses and names right before the saving. You can add or delete the selected contact, edit the highlighted email address or mail to it.

  • Export features
    The extracted results can be exported to the clipboard or a text file, and also into following applications: Atomic Newsgroup Explorer exports all the log information: email address, username, newsgroup the contact was found in.

  • Specific targeted offers
    As a rule, you can find niche specialists in groups so mailing lists will be highly targeted and response rate can be higher than you expect. Actually this is the way to address to a particular person!

  • Integration with other Atomic products
    You can transfer email addresses into Atomic Mail Verifier for checking addresses or Atomic Mail Sender for mass mailing within a single click. Atomic Newsgroup Explorer can quickly export emails without routine export and import operations.
    If you start Atomic Newsgroup Explorer using Atomic Email Studio, then all the operations on file creation and exchange between the programs will be done by Atomic Email Studio automatically.