Atomic Newsgroup Explorer

Newsgroup Harvester - a newsgroup email addresses and users names grabber

Newsgroup Email GrabberAtomic Newsgroup Explorer (ANE) is a usenet newsgroups data harvester designed to grab e-mail addresses and user names from different newsgroups (usenets).

Enter a valid NNTP server address (or choose it from the default list) and the program will download the names of all available newsgroups. Then select all of them or only those groups you are interested in to process and the harvester will grab all the addresses and names from these groups.

The most important feature of ANE is a capability to work with private password locked usenet groups and servers which do not show all available groups. So, you can enter the known usenet group address manually to explore it.

Atomic Newsgroup Explorer is fast and effective – its multi-threaded operating speeds up the entire process in many times. We guarantee 1000 new e-mail addresses in 5 minutes!

Atomic Newsgroup Extractor does not depend on any additional software the way many email grabbers depend on third-party libraries.

This e-mail harvester requires very few machine resources and can run quietly in the background on any computer running Windows (95, 98, ME, NT, 2000, XP and Vista) with a functioning connection to the Internet with open NNTP port. Actually, it takes about half an hour to collect the new targeted list of e-mail addresses using this newsgroup harvester!

And finally, ANE has a friendly user interface and detailed Help System. It is very easy to start working.

Ordering the e-mail harvesting program

Note! Atomic Email Newsgroup Extractor is licensed on a per computer basis including lifetime technical support and one-year free upgrades!

Atomic Newsgroup Explorer is distributed in the shareware way. Download the program (a trial version) and try it before purchasing (in trials some features are locked - you can not save the results of the extraction).

Discounts & special offers

Atomic Newsgroup Explorer belongs to the family of our e-mail harvesters including:
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