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Atomic Newsgroup Explorer - Quick Intro

Atomic Newsgroup Explorer (ANE) is developed to extract e-mail addresses and user names from the newsgroups (usenets). Just enter a server address or choose it from the default list and the program will download the names of all available groups. Then select some interested groups to explore and ANE will gather all the addresses and names
from these groups.

Actually, it takes a half an hour to get the new targeted list of e-mail addresses using ANE! The list can be saved to a file, Windows Clipboard or MS Word or MS Excel application.

Atomic Newsgroup Explorer screenshot

The elements of program's main window:

      1. Main menu - program's main menu
      2. Hotkey panel - quick access to program’s functions
      3. News group loading panel - quick selection of news servers and public group loading panel.
      4. Downloaded news group panel - this panel displays loaded news groups (their names). To select a group to load users’ data, simply mark the check box next to the group. Additional features are available in the context menu.
      5. Loaded user names and e-mails panel - this panel displays data loaded from the news groups (unique names and e-mail addresses of users). Additional features are available in the context menu.


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