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    Atomic Mail Verifier 10.11

    Easily verify and check email lists for validity with our 3-step email verifier software.

    System requirements:
    Windows 7/8/10/11
    Install Atomic Mail Verifier and enjoy the benefits of the program.
    For 7 days, the main functions will be available to you with the following restrictions:

    • there is no way to save the result of work

    • checking 50 email addresses

    Atomic Mail Verifier does not contain malicious files, even if your antivirus software says otherwise.
    Administrator rights are required to install and run the program.
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    Everything you wanted to ask about Atomic Mail Verifier
    Why is Atomic Mail Verifier better than other email verifiers?

    Atomic Mail Verifier is a unique program that checks email addresses for validity. Unlike other email verification software, our email verifier uses three levels of verification to ensure that you will never lose any valid email address. If you need to verify email address is valid, a bulk emailing service from Atomic Software will be a reliable solution for your email work out with trusted user reviews. The most accurate verification tools that are available for easy download and usage for the best price on the market may help to increase the chances for your email campaign success and boost confidence in your next email strategy. When you apply Email Verifier, you make sure your mailing list contains only real addressees with actual contacts which are your potential leads.

    When and which verification steps should I use?

    If you have a huge mailing list with hundreds of thousands of addresses, then you only need to run the first two steps, because checking each address on its mail server takes time. This type of mailing list verification usually removes one-third of all "bad" addresses. If your mailing list has several thousand email addresses, then you may complete all the steps of verification. Using all three steps guarantees the removal of most nonexistent or invalid addresses.

    Is Atomic Email Verifier compatible with the other Atomic products?

    Atomic Email Verifier is fully integrated with other Atomic e-marketing tools. This means you can collect email addresses using our email extractors (like Atomic Email Hunter), transfer gathered emails to AMV to remove obsolete addresses, and then use our bulk emailer, Atomic Mail Sender, to send mass mail.

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