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Email validity check to improve deliverability

  • Three-level verification process
  • Proxy server support
  • Easy contact import/export
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Atomic Mail Verifier Upgrades History

Copyright (c) AtomPark Software 2001-2011. All rights reserved


version 9.44 (May, 2019)
- fixed program crash when copying log information
- memory space used by Verifier was significantly reduced as a result of data storage format changing

version 9.43 (June, 2018)
- some bugs were fixed
- stabilization of the program functionality

version 9.42 (February, 2018)
- additional verification method Catch-All was added
- updated the list of templates to responses
- fixed the bug when obviously fictional addresses (like were defined as valid

version 9.41 (August, 2017)
- export bugs were fixed (changed export component)
- error that occured when delete duplicates was fixed
- the feature to verify on Facebook was deleted

version 9.40 (October, 2016)
- updated version includes new function for determining the disposable email addresses
- optimized statistics of the verified results

version 9.30 (March, 2016)
- verification through web script in cases when your ISP blocks Port 25 was added
- export to CSV file was added when using Export Wizard
- verification start button was added

version 9.21 (February, 2016)
- added the random usage of MAIL FROM from the list
- additional display mode for the log
- verification process was improved
- some bugs were fixed

version 9.20 (December, 2015)
- the verification of Yahoo email addresses was fixed
- added the automatic detection if the port 25 is blocked
- DNS servers list with an automatic check
- new displaying of check statuses
- verification export results were re-designed
- Latvian language
- incorrect displaying of verification stats was fixed
- a new feature of restoring the default settings was added
- new program activation system was developed

version 9.10 (June, 2015)
- Proxy checker was added. Time estimate to verification finish was added.
- Proxy-checker usage algorithm was optimized.
- It is possible to delete duplicates now. The function is available in context menu and wright after list downloading.
- Caching queries while processing domain was fixed.
- Server responses processing was optimized.
- Some templates to filter responses were added.

version 8.12 (January, 2015)
- Data export was improved
- Errors, which occurred during the Facebook accounts search and search by emails, were fixed
- Facebook users search is carried out in several streams: a separate thread for each account
- Syntax verification was significantly accelerated
- An error, that caused the stop of verification process in «Check domain», was fixed
- New interface of statistics verification process display on informational panel: separate data display checked, correct and incorrect emails
- Approximate calculation of the verification completion time
- Verification progress is displayed on the Windows taskbar

version 8.12 (July, 2014)
- Data export was improved

version 8.10 (January, 2014)
- Vietnamese Atomic Mail Verifier
- Afrikaans for Atomic Mail Verifier
- Hungarian Atomic Mail Verifier 8.0 (update)
- The possibility to load data from the clipboard
- New status "Waiting for connection" was added
Changes in the interface:
- The menu that allowed to choose the verification type (Standard/Advanced) in the SMTP settings was removed. Now there's only one available - Advanced.
- The button "Advanced Settings" that allows adjusting timeouts for domains was added in the SMTP settings
- "Export to OpenOffice" button was added
- An error, that occurred when there was no internet connection, was fixed.
- The addresses verification process was improved; errors, which occurred during the verification process through proxy servers, were fixed
- Export and import lists now load much faster
- Contact list export and editing processes were optimized
- Improvements were made in the email address syntax verification process.

version 8.00 (July, 2013):
- Verify with Facebook
- Support for importing files from Open Office and back
- Optimized scanning threads
- Added Vietnamese, Lithuanian and Estonian languages
- Improved statuses of email addresses
- Expanding opportunities to use hot keys
- Added the ability to add / edit templates of email status verification.
- Improvements and fixes in the interface

version 7.35 (September, 2012):
- standard verification check fixed
- fix: splitting the list into threads when there needs to be a delay between queries to same domain
- special verification routine for emails added

version 7.33 (August, 2012):

- Improved verification of Yahoo! and Gmail emails
- Added or updated the following languages:
Bulgarian, Greek, Hungarian, Brazilian Portuguese, Italian, Indonesian, Polish

version 7.31 (July, 2012):

- Improved verification of Yahoo! emails

version 7.30 (July, 2012):

- Proxy suport fixes and optimizations
- Proxy checking and rotation added
- Settings interface changed

version 7.23 (June, 2012):

- Improved stabiliy
- Improved multithreaded mode
- Fixed random stopping during verification
- Internal filters improved

version 7.20 (April, 2012):
- New, advanced verification type
- Preset domain list for each verification type
- Ability to choose the verification type for each domain
- Configurable delay between queries to servers
- Ability to set the delay between queries for each server

version 7.11 (November 16, 2011):
- Improved stability during email validation process
- Changes to syntax rules
- Fixes in the process of importing lists between Atomic products
- Small improvements of file import from MS Word
- Small changes to user interface
- Updated export library
- Fixes in export wizard
- Help system fixes
- Installer fixes

version 7.10 (October 10, 2011):
- Faster domain check by means of caching previous queries
- New Export Wizard (export to OpenOffice, save lists with desired statuses)
- New upload file by dragging it to the form capability
- New filters with confidential domains by default has been added
- Number of treads can be limited now
- The stability of the program has been enhanced
- Some filter errors have been checked
- A bug rising while removing the program has been fixed

version 7.00 (Septermber 21, 2011):
- Absolutely new, intuitive ribbon interface
- New method of checking email syntax
- Better overall performance
- Seamless integration with Atomic Email Studio and online services
- Some bugs have been fixed.

version 5.50 (June 29, 2011):
- Syntax check has been improved
- Program registration/activation process has been changed (now tied to hardware id)
- Some bugs appearing during verifying domain have been fixed
- Some other minor bugs have been fixed

version 5.30 (August 28, 2009):
- Integration with Atomic Verifier Online
- Some small bugs have been fixed

version 5.20 (October 6, 2008):
- Option to load several lists at once when list parameter is applied
- Option to load lists of any type with list parameter
- Automatic checking for new versions
- Better integration with other Atomic Email programs
- Few cosmetic changes
- Some errors with software localization have been fixed

version 5.00 (July 19, 2007):
- Full compatibility with Windows Vista
- Better detection of live and dead e-mail addresses
- Faster email addresses verification
- Better and faster syntax checking
- Huge mailing lists are loaded much faster
- Progress indicator of completed job
- Loading mailing lists from Excel
- Loading mailing lists from Word
- Loading mailing lists from Access
- Loading mailing lists from DBF
- Loading mailing lists from Outlook Address Book
- Loading mailing lists from Atomic Email Hunter
- Loading mailing lists from Atomic Email Logger
- Loading mailing lists from Atomic Whois Explorer
- Loading mailing lists from Atomic Newsgroup Explorer
- Multilanguage version - Spanish, Russian and German languages are added

version 4.02 and 4.01 (January 15, 2007):
- Some changes in user interface

version 4.00 (July 17, 2006):
- Faster and more stable email addresses verification
- Loading mailing lists from MS Excel
- Loading mailing lists from MS Word
- Loading mailing lists from MS Access
- Loading mailing lists from DBF files
- Loading mailing lists from any types of CSV files

version 3.20
- Cancel button error fixed
- Better reaction to blank email lists
- Tooltips for buttons on toolbar
- More crashless due to the code remake
- Popup menu for mailing list
- Manual e-mail address adding and removing from the list
- Multiple list entries selection (e.g. for deleting)
- Quick sorting by column click
- Exit confirmation
- Status bar numerating - small error has been fixed
- Connection retries - strong error has been fixed
- New status - "verification error"
- Error loading huge files - fixed

version 3.10
- DNS autodetect
- HELO autodetect
- Registration procedure improvements

version 3.00
- The program was completely rewritten
- New SMTP engine
- More stable core system
- Stop and Resume options
- Clean mailing list command
- Email Status reset command
- Status Bar hints for all manu items

version 1.30
- UPD option to check the domains validity
- Total Error Log option for technical support issues
- List sorting capabilities
- Loading and saving extra information from mailing list
- Some errors in mailing list loading have been fixed

version 1.22
- Samples how to use software
- Some useful interface changes

version 1.21
- Small bug in "Verify domains" has been fixed

version 1.20
- Proxy/Socks support
- Some minor bug fixes
- On-line Help on the web

version 1.11:
- Integration with other our e-mail software
- Loading a mailing list to verify via "amv.exe --list filename.txt"
- Hosts window: unwanted stats increments were fixed
- Hosts window: "Clear Stats" button now works fine
- Autoloading of DNS servers at first launch
- Autodetecting of HELO domain at first startup
- Status bar small bug was fixed
- Memory leeks has been fixed
- E-mail address verification status image is more realistic
- Synatx check small bug was fixed
- "Total" field is a bit wider

version 1.10:
- First public release

version 0.90 - 1.00:
- Internal versions for private use and debugging only

Copyright (c) AtomPark Software 2001-2011. All rights reserved