Top Newsletter Software for Successful Email Marketing Campaigns

    Newsletter software is the engine of newsletter marketing campaigns, that are an important part of Email Marketing, establishing a regular link between brand and customer.

    E-newsletters enable customers to get the information they are interested in while giving your company insight into what they are and more importantly are not interested in, and such regular communications keep your customers and prospects interested and loyal.

    Newsletter software kit we are providing consists of top email marketing applications designed to meet your email marketing needs.

    To gain success in newsletter marketing campaigns you need to send newsletters, manage your subscriptions and track results. Atomic newsletter software is designed to send, manage and track your newsletter marketing campaigns.

    Newsletter sending is the main part of newsletter marketing. And here is our newsletter sending software.

    Atomic Mail Sender is a powerful newsletter sending software that you can use to create, send and track newsletters to your subscribers and customers. This is where the newsletter marketing starts. Using this newsletter software you will be able to:

    • Send unlimited numbers of newsletters to your customers and prospects
    • Use built-in SMTP server to reach maximum level of security and highest delivery rates
    • Import your contacts from Excel, Access, DBF, Word files or from your Outlook address book
    • Manage your mailing list

    The next part of the process is managing your subscription lists. Introducing Atomic Subscription Manager ー the tool for adding subscribers using web-forms and one-click removal of users from your mailing list. Atomic Subscription Manager keeps checking your mail box and after getting subscribing / unsubscribing request from your subscriber, sends him a message asking to confirm that request. If such confirmation is received, Subscription Manager removes / adds the email address to your mailing list sending a proper notification to the subscriber.

    And the last component of all-in-one newsletter software pack is Atomic Email Tracker, that helps you monitor the effectiveness of your newsletter campaigns.

    You do not need any technical knowledge for newsletter tracking ー just sign up for our mail tracker service and you will be able to see who opens your emails, when they open them and what links they click.

    If you are considering launching email marketing campaign or an email newsletter ー this newsletter software set is your key to success.

    Do newsletter marketing the right way with Atomic newsletter software.

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