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    Despite the popularity and seeming simplicity of mailings, not everyone succeeds in achieving high ROI from marketing. One of the reasons for the ineffectiveness of campaigns may also be purely technical. And that is non-working recipient addresses in your database. So, you need to verify emails first.

    Have you ever faced poor deliverability results? You’ve probably received messages from an email service which the letters sent were not delivered or any similar? Such situations arise when the recipient’s mail is not valid for one reason or another. So, that’s why you have to check email is valid and then process with your marketing routine. You can customize the proxy settings and DNS server addresses to yor needs.

    Our service team will tell you in detail what mistakes should be avoided when setting up mailing lists and how to check messages before sending mail by means of our bulk emailing service.

    Why check emails?

    Email marketing involves the creation of mass mailings for the target audience. It cannot be carried out without a formed contact base. Quite rarely, it makes sense to launch a single campaign — as a rule, the same recipient still receives a series of letters with a given frequency.

    If your database has accumulated a lot of invalid contacts, you need email verification tools to define them and delete them. Each of such repeated letters to the wrong people may be sent systematically, this will lead to negative consequences of unsubscriptions or getting into spam.
    Ideally, to avoid reputational and financial risks, you need to verify addresses using software prior to launching the mailing list. It will be useful not only for marketers and sales managers, but also for everyone who sends messages on a regular basis for multiple purposes.

    Create multiple lists and send test mails to email addresses from your contact database which is fresh. This is an inexpensive, but rather proven method: it is more suitable for checking multiple addresses and blast letters.

    Mind that neglecting the verification step when setting up letter campaigns may get on your results. It may turn out to be really expensive to your company. Risks may vary: from wasted money to the risk of being blacklisted as spammers.

    Regardless of which method of validation you choose – manual or with the help of professional services — make sure that the addresses in the database do not contain the errors described above.

    If you need to know more or test our bulk email verifier, you’re welcome.

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