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    Atomic Mail Sender v. 9.61 for Windows 7/8/10
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    Full version Atomic Mail Sender v.9.61 for Windows 7/8/10/11

    Using bulk mailer software to power up efficient email marketing

    Email marketing is a great opportunity to communicate with clients all over the world. If you send email newsletters that are relevant to their interests be sure that you will get a loyal audience.

    Power of mailing automation

    Using bulk email software, you access a great number of new opportunities for your marketing activities. 

    Firstly, email blasting software streamlines the process of email creation and delivery, thereby saving your resources and effort. While the software does its work, you get time to focus on strategy.

    Secondly, the software is designed to handle all subtleties of email delivery, so using email blaster software is a guarantee that your messages will reach their recipients and won’t be lost in spam or junk folders.

    Thirdly, the software gives you a chance to track the performance of campaigns and evaluate how well the audience has perceived your campaign. This data can power new campaigns and approaches you will come up with to increase the results further.

    How to select the right bulk mailer software?

    Choosing the right tool is a key to success. Here is a set of parameters you should evaluate to make a weighted decision.

    Compatibility. Make sure that software fits your operating system and works with it without problems.

    Working with different SMTP servers. If you need to send many newsletters per day, you need another SMTP, because Gmail SMTP has limits on sent emails. In this case, the solution you choose should be able to support more than one SMTP server.

    Setting personalization. Personalized emails are a must-have for high deliverability and conversion. The tool should have features to power up personalization.

    Spam checker. The great problem of email marketers is spam filters that will send your email to the spam folders. To avoid this it is important to check the content of the newsletter whether it has suspicious elements or not.

    Unsubscribing link. One of the elements of bulk email sending that should be is the link to the unsubscribing process.

    HTML editor. With the help of an HTML editor, you can embody all creative ideas to make your emails attractive and converting.

    Optimal price. This aspect is also important. The tool should be affordable, but not lack functionality or operational capacities. 

    All these features have Atomic Mail Sender. Try our demo version to check the functionality of our tool if you want to dive deeper into our solution. 

    How to Create an Email Campaign

    To create a great email campaign, you need to set up bulk mail software, choose the audience you want to reach, understand their pains and needs, create a relevant email with your offer, upload a mailing list, choose the right settings and launch it.

    Any email should be worth the time it takes. The content of the email should be relevant to clients’ needs. Before clicking the “Send” button ask yourself: “Is this email worth reading?” If you answer “Yes” without slowing down, press the button.

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