Download Atomic Trial Versions

Here you can download unregistered versions of our software (trials) to evaluate them before purchasing. In trials some features are locked. To unlock your trial version buy a registration key.

Bulk senders

Atomic Email Studio - Email marketing shell

Atomic Email Studio 15.01

9-in-1 Email marketing program suite. Build lists, create and send emails, manage lists and campaigns using all-in-one program solution.

bulk emailer

Atomic Mail Sender 9.55

Create and send bulk email campaigns using our reliable mailer with multiple SMTP support, message personalization and removal of unsubscribed users.

sms software

Atomic SMS 6.10

Send bulk SMS campaigns using our easy-to-use SMS Sender with a dynamic ID support.


Email extractors

atomic e-mail hunter

Atomic Email Hunter 15.18

Extract email addresses and names from websites by using keyword or website search.

atomic lead extractor

Atomic Lead Extractor 9.00

Easily collect email addresses, phone numbers and Skype contacts from websites by using keyword or website search.

outlook email extractor

Atomic Email Logger 8.60

Collect emails addresses and names from PC-stored files (*.doc, *.docx, *.pdf, *.wab, *.xls and *.xlsx, *.pst, *.csv files, *.zip and *.rar archives), Outlook and other email clients, browser temporary files.

whois e-mail extractor

Atomic Whois Explorer 9.12

Extract website owners’ and managers’ email addresses, names and domain data from WHOIS database.


Mailing list managers

verify email address

Atomic Mail Verifier 10.01

Easily verify and check email lists for validity and existence. Unlimited email quantity allowed!

email list management software

Atomic List Manager 6.02

Easily manage and edit your email lists of any sizes. Merge, subtract, split or filter large mailing list.


Register downloaded program

To register your program, please enter a registration key in reply to the program's request or choose Help -> Registration menu of the program.

To buy a registration key please go to the Purchasing section (credit cards are accepted).

If you have any problems with downloading or other questions please contact us. Thank you!