GDPR Compliance

    According to the new personal data processing principles coming with the European General Data Protection Regulation (EU Regulation 2016/679 of 27 April 2016 or the GDPR — General Data Protection Regulation), AtomPark Software has done extensive activities on updating the process of collection, processing, and storage of users' personal data.

    The aim of all these actions was to explain how and why we collect users' personal data, to provide detailed information on how we protect its privacy according to the GDPR requirements.

    There is a list below of all the activities that were done to implement GDPR compliance:

    Updated Privacy Policy web-pages

    First of all, we have updated the text of the Privacy policy document and published it on all websites of AtomPark Software company.

    As a result, were updated 2 AtomPark Software Privacy Policy web pages:


    Updated AtomPark Software Cookie Policy

    We have prepared English versions of the Cookie Policy. The document explains in details how and why we use cookie files on the AtomPark Software websites.

    The document is published on 2 web pages:


    Getting agreement to process personal data of the new users

    We have created special checkboxes to get the agreement with the new Atompark Software Privacy Policy during the user registration:


    In the Member Area, we have provided users with access to information about when and where (on which page) they agreed with the personal data processing policy.


    Confirmation the agreement on the processing personal data of the existing users

    In the AtomPark Member Area was created a pop-up message with the user's agreement to the processing of his/her personal data.

    User agreement for getting email newsletters in the process of purchase/registration

    We have given the client the opportunity to choose a type of newsletter subscription on each registration page:


    We have created forms of active user agreement to email newsletter on the web-pages of purchase Atompark Software products:


    The ability to manage e-mail newsletter subscription in Member Area.

    The option is available in the "Account settings" section. Thus, the user can choose what kind of information he wants to receive on the email address specified in the account.


    Getting agreement to process user personal data in the Member Area

    • Each page of Member Area contains a pop-up notification with a form of agreement to process user personal data.
    • In the “Account Settings” section of the AtomPark Member Area user can find information about where and when he/she gave us the agreement to process his/her personal data.

    The option of downloading all user data in .pdf

    Now the user can download all the information that AtomPark Software stores about him on the servers in one .pdf document.

    • The basic information will be available for export from the Member Area in the “Account Settings” section in the .pdf format.


    • For more detailed information (login, when and where the user visited Member Area, the time he sends email newsletters, etc.) the user can apply the request to the Atompark Software Customer Support Department.

    The ability to change and delete user personal data in the Member Area

    • The ability to edit user data. In the "Account Settings" section of the Member Area, the user can change the information the system keeps about him/her. The exception is the email, that user specified during the registration. It remains unchanged and used as a login. For those users who wish to change the email for email notifications, in the Member Area was created an additional field to edit this information.
    • The ability to delete the account. This option is available in the “Account Settings” section of the Member Area - In this case, will be deleted the basic information about the client, which he provided on the questionnaire form in the "Account Settings" section of the Member Area. For those who wish to delete absolutely all information about themselves stored on the servers of the company, in the 'Account Settings" section we have created the special tab with information about the ability to apply to the customer support department at

    Notification with the form of user agreement to Cookie Policy

    On each AtomPark Software website, was created a notification with the form of the user agreement with the Cookie Policy accompanied by the text about how we use cookies in the course of the company's activities:

    The list of the websites containing this notification:


    The new Privacy Policy and new Terms of Service enter into force on May 25, 2018.