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    What is HLR Service and How to Use it?

    You may get 100% accuracy of information about active numbers in real-time with the help of a couple of instant checkout services. HLR remains one of the most accessible.

    Why phone number check?

    What's Home Location Register? You may check if you have valid phone numbers only on our list, find out the operator, subscriber status and other information with an HLR request. it's only used for testing and verifying the lists. The accuracy of the information may depend, since users data is provided by a yu or mobile operator, third-party companies. etc. Anyway you always may rely on request results for marketing goals.

    Choose quality HLR lookup tools

    If your database has not been checked for more than a month, then we advise you to update it using HLR requests. HLR queries quick check tools like this allow you:

      to check phone number online, to clear the database of your numbers clients.

    Checking and updating your contact database has never been so easy and effective.
    Some subscribers may be out of range or change the phone. Such a system determines inactive phones & independently removes them from lists.

    HLR lookup tool provides you with wider sending opportunities that are critical for effective bulk sms campaigns. You send messages to active clients only.

    Mobile operators withdraw money for sending, not for delivering SMS. It’s cheaper to check the database first. Valid phone number checker is what you need for that. There’s no need to pay for the mailing of all contacts, some of which are inactive.

    Validate phone number online


    Knowing a person's phone contacts number, you cannot be sure which network mobile subscriber he/she really is in. What if your users may refuse mobile operators without losing their numbers? Imagine having to manually check hundreds or thousands of numbers from a mailing list. It's a long and painstaking job that technology may be handled better. Only an HLR query can solve such a problem in automatic mode.

    It is a centralized database that collects information on subscribers. This data is retrieved from GSM operators or mobile networks.

    HLR requests are needed to clean up the database in order to find out without notifying the client whether the phone number is being served or not.
    Most often, such requests are needed when more than a month has passed since the last mailing.


    HLR requests via a free valid phone number platform save your time, money & effort. It is important to send messages only to active numbers before mass mailing. You may notify them about your promotions, the arrival of goods or updating the cost of a service, etc. So, the clients will receive up-to-date information, and you will not overpay for sending SMS to inactive numbers. Besides, there will be fewer complaints from your users.

    Always remember that you may set up the service & check your lists yourself or contact the support operators. For automated checks from programs, sending via the API is possible. Supported protocols are HTTP and HTTPS, SMTP, SOAP and SMPP. We provide high-speed & quality integration for maximum use.

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