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    Many people are interested in the question of how phone number validation or checking is provided. The activity of a telephone number may be easily detected by certain technologies. How? These are service companies that want to optimize processes and do not want to waste time on those subscribers that have not been active for a long time. They use an HLR database to help with this. Not everyone is familiar with this concept and knows that this service, in fact, is available to everyone.


    Why phone number validation via HLR

    Since HLR (or Home Location Register) is a registry maintained by a cellular operator, it contains information about all users.


    It is widely used by SMS aggregators and mobile operators to find optimal SMS traffic routes or to identify invalid numbers.


    It’s effective because among the entire data set, the following technologies ​​may be specified if you choose HLR services:


    • MSISDN or phone number
      This is not about the set of numbers that we used to integrate with various services. With the help of such numbers, the equipment may transmit sounds, access the Internet, send or receive messages.
    • IMSI or original SIM card ID
      Almost all existing services are concentrated on it.
    • MSC
      MSC is a unique switch code. It provides an understanding at which station the telephone was last registered.


    HLR lookup request is an effective tool

    Also, an HLR lookup may give information about the services that the phone has requested for a certain period of time or could do it if necessary.


    The key function of HLR is collecting and storing the data described above and issuing information as requested. This identifier plays an important role since it is with its help that the telephone is set and cellular communication is connected.


    Thanks to the HLR request, it is possible to check what the current state of the equipment is, namely, whether it is in the active zone. The search for a subscriber is carried out completely unnoticed by the users.


    Atomic phone number verification benefits

    The result of using the HLR query is not getting private information, but effective phone number verification.


    It is actually stored in the public domain and is publicly available. Operators do not hide data, but they do not seek to popularize it either. We additionally make the process safe & optimized for effective bulk SMS services.


    Using our HLR queries, you may check the statuses of mobile numbers and clean up databases from irrelevant numbers. The service of checking numbers keeps the confidentiality of the request and does not bother the subscriber.


    This service is available both in your personal account and through the API. You may find out the costs with us. The functionality may be extremely useful and necessary if you need to prove your databases and create relevant mailing lists & gather only highly effective prospects for your business.

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