Checking the Quality of Top 2023 Email Verifiers

    by Miroslava Vavshko

    email validation tool review

    Have an old email database and don't know if it's worth using it for mass mailing? Your doubts are not in vain, because most emails have lost their relevance. A database with invalid contacts can turn into a whole problem for you: from complaints to spam to blocking the domain.

    But there is a way out: your database should be checked for validity! How to find out if an email address is real? How to choose the best validation tool for these purposes? We have answers to these questions! We have compiled the top 5 bulk email validation tools to test and compare their functionality. Read the article, choose the best one, and get rid of invalid emails with us!

    Why do you need a verifying email address?

    There are some reasons for it:

    • Many users could abandon their mailbox: they forgot their password, switched to another service, etc.;
    • Clients can forget about your company and will complain to your mailing;
    • An invalid base contains spam traps, temporary emails, addresses with typos, etc.

    Email existence check will help:

    1. Mailing to a valid base will help to avoid lowering the sender's reputation.
    2. In addition, you can save on the tariffs of your mailing service. You do not have to send mailings to useless addresses, store them in the database, and pay for it.

    It is necessary to check whether each contact exists and whether it is possible to email it. This is done for further removing nonexistent addresses from your database. This process is called validation and you need the best email validation tool to clean your mailing list.

    When do you need an email validation tool?

    The control check will never be superfluous. But this is extremely important:

    1. If your mailing list is compiled with typos.
      The human factor has not been canceled, and you can find typos in many contacts. So it was not possible to fix such a problem during the collection of the database, you will have to fix these emails using a special program.
    2. If your base is old.
      Chances are high that users abandoned their mailboxes or forgot that they subscribed to your mailing list. In the first case, such emails can turn into spam traps, and in the second, complaints about spam will increase.

    How to check an email address is valid or not? To get rid of these problems automatically, you need a dedicated validation tool. Read on to find out more.

    How does an email address validation tool work?

    A tool can find a valid email address and remove these types of invalid contacts:

    • Emails with typos.
      The program for verifying email address checks if the address meets the spelling standards and looks for typos.
    • Spam traps.
      These are abandoned inboxes that turn into real traps for the sender of the bulk email. Postal services use them to "catch" spammers. But if your database contains invalid contacts of this type, be prepared for a lowering of the sender's reputation and even a ban.
    • Temporary emails.
      It makes no sense to send a newsletter to such addresses, as no one will see it.

    To help you choose the best validator, we ran an experiment and tested the same list of emails in 5 different validation tools. Which turned out to be the best in terms of value for money? Read on and find out.

    Email validation tools review

    To get objective results, we took 10 emails and used them for verification in each of the programs or services. These are the emails: — existing mailbox in domain — an existing mailbox on the corporate domain — non-existent mailbox on the corporate domain
    miron_674@mail.ry — an email with a typo in the domain — an email with a typo in the domain — the domain is reserved for documentation use. Mailboxes on this domain do not accept mail — spam trap — spam trap — temporary mailbox — non-existent mailbox

    We have deliberately included different types of valid and invalid emails in this list in order to test email address validation tools as much as possible.

    Next, you will see a quick overview of the email existence check for each validator.

    Atomic Mail Verifier

    This is the program for an unlimited validity check of contacts, which does not need additional payments after the purchase. Buy once and use it for the rest of your life! The program interface is simple and will be understandable even to your grandmother. Therefore, inexperienced PC users can purchase this email validation tool with confidence. And if you still have questions, technical support helps to figure it out at any time of the day.


    • Three-step check: spelling, domain, and server response.
    • Applicability of filtering rules for any existing domains.

    Demo version: Verifying emails for 7 days for free.

    Technical support: 24/7.

    Price: $69

    Email existence check results:

    Verifying email address

    It took 21 seconds to check 10 emails. The program found 2 out of 2 valid mailboxes, which means it coped with the task. The email validation tool assigned the corresponding statuses to the rest of the contacts, which you can see in the screenshot.

    G-Lock Software Email Verifier

    This program for checking contacts for existence. Although the tool has many customizations, this has resulted in poor usability. The program coped with its mission, but the complex interface is a big drawback. In such an abundance of settings, it is easy for an inexperienced PC user to get confused.


    • Two-step check: spelling and domain.
    • Possibility of alternative connection mode if port 25 is blocked.

    Demo version: Possibility to verify email addresses for free with limitations:

    • 250 emails/hour,
    • 1 000 emails/day,
    • 12 000 emails/month,
    • 3 spam tests.

    Technical support: Not implemented.

    Price: $99

    Email existence check results:

    Find valid email address

    The verification took 5 seconds. The program found 2 valid addresses. But also, the email validation tool made a mistake and evaluated the temporary mailbox as a valid email address.

    Just like the previous email validation tool, this program assigned a status to each email.

    Email Verifier by Live Software

    A minimalistic old school program for those who just want to get a list of valid contacts and be done with it. The email address validation tool will split tested contacts into 2 columns: good and bad. An excellent choice for those who do not need to figure out why some addresses are not suitable for mailing.


    • Three-step check: spelling, domain, and server response.

    Demo version: There is no information about the trial period.

    Technical support: Not implemented.

    Price: $74.95

    Email existence check results:

    Email existence check

    The check took over a minute. Like the previous tool, this program found 2 valid emails and interpreted the temporary mail as valid. Unlike previous validators, this one did not assign statuses to verified contacts.


    Well-known online validator. This type of tool is fine for you if you are not saving on budget and are not going to check emails for existence in unlimited quantities. Unlike the previous program, this online service has a modern interface that aesthetes enjoy interacting with.


    • Three-step check: spelling, domain, and server response.
    • API integration.

    Demo version: Checking 100 emails for free/month.

    Technical support: 24/7.

    Price: of $0.005/email (up 100K contacts) up $0.0007/email (5m contacts).

    Email existence check results:

    Email validation tool

    I had to wait a few minutes, after which I received an email with the verification results. The service did a great job. The online email validation tool correctly determined that there were only 2 valid contacts on my list. Detailed test results can be downloaded and seen on the graph.

    Email validation tool online


    Another online service for checking emails for validity. This tool is similar to the previous one, but the verification is cheaper. Is it worth saving? We'll find out now!


    • Three-step check: spelling, domain, and server response.
    • API integration.

    Demo version: checking 200 emails for free in case of confirmation of the phone number.

    Technical support: 24/7.

    Price: $0,00118/email

    Email existence check results:

    Email address validation tool

    The check took less than a minute. I also received the results by email and was able to download the report. This online validator positions itself as the cheapest among the competition. Price = quality and in the report we see that the email validation tool identified only 1 out of 2 eligible contacts. Is it worth saving and losing valuable emails? You decide.

    Let's summarize the results of testing 5 tools for checking email validity.

    Email verifiers

    To conclude

    We looked at 3 programs and 2 online services for validation. It is up to you to choose a program with the possibility of unlimited checks and no additional payments or a modern online validator with restrictions.

    We recommend paying once for high-quality software that has passed our test and surpassed its competitors in terms of price-quality ratio.

    Choose Atomic Mail Verifier and check emails without limits! And so that you have no doubts about the correctness of your choice, test the demo version for 7 days.

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    Miroslava Vavshko
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