Email Address Grabber Overview

    Atomic Email Hunter is an email grabber software and it extracts addresses and user names from the sites on the Web. It is designed to collect e-mail addresses from Web sites using the HTTP protocol. This program can work through a proxy-server. Email Hunter is a very fast program and supports multi-threaded Web page loading.

    Current version of email grabber software has various limiters of Web site scanning range, you can limit scanning depth and pathes to html files. The program is very flexible and easy in use. In the most case only you need is to enter valid URL and get results.

    With Email Hunter extracting addresses is as easy as using an internet search engine. Type in the desired keywords (or phrases) and Email Hunter begins searching the Internet extracting e-mail addresses from any Web page containing those words. Our keyword search provides a unique and useful feature.

    These features enable you to use the email contact grabber in a more targeted fashion, which results in more relevant contact lists. All that plays an important role in skyrocketing your business recognision.

    Difference beetween Email Grabber and Email Extractor

    In the most of case a term email grabber mean the same as email extractor. Nevertheless, email grabber software acts more rough unlike email extractor. It grabs all addresses that it can detect without any syntax checking. Though it is a very quick, it usually does not return relevant results. Email extractors perform some kinds of email address checking, for instance syntax checking, country/TLD zone checking and sometimes email verification too. The other important feature of email extractor is email addresses searching. Having typed a few keywords you obtain a new relevant mailing list. That's why email extractors like Atomic Email Hunter are so popular now.

    In order to find the best email address grabber software for your purposes, you should take into account how you want data to be extracted and what features you need for that. Simply put, the best email grabber is the one which suits your specific requirements, which means you should balance the quality of your email list against the quantity.

    Atomic Email Hunter is a contact grabber which is designed to collect emails from the web. If you want to collect other types of contact info (such as Skype IDs, ICQ IDs or phone numbers), or from other sources (like CDs, your local harddrive), you can check out the other web extractor software we've got.

    Use Email Contact Grabber with Care

    You can be all excited to get as many emails as possible in a short period of time, and that's quite understandable. We encourage you to show a little bit of friendliness to websites you grab emails from as using an email contact grabber too aggresively can cause your IP address be temporarily banned. So let's show mutual respect to each other

    Got Questions?

    If you want to be fully prepared before hitting the Internet with our software, you are welcome to contact our support survice or visit our support section. There is a whole bunch of people anxious to hear from you.

    Not only are you welcome to ask the quirkiest questions that might come to your mind - we would also be happy to have feedback from you which would allow us to further improve our product and make it the best email grabber available.

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