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    Full version Atomic Mail Sender v. 9.61 for Windows 7/8/10/11

    The Undeniable Value of a Bulk Email Sender for Your Company Promotion

    Email marketing entered business communications a long time ago and has proved itself as one of the most efficient promotion activities in both B2B and B2C segments. 

    According to polls, users are likely to get notifications in their Inbox and communicate with brands via email newsletters. For people, it is more comfortable to have a choice when to read messages and get answers to them.

    Benefits of bulk email marketing

    Email marketing helps to create an army of loyal audiences. This activity is pretty noninvasive compared with cold calls or direct pitches, hence, it might warm up your audience and turn them into interested prospects. 

    Emails also allow you to establish a two-way conversation with customers, connect with them directly and receive feedback you can further leverage to make your campaigns even more customized and efficient.

    Another advantage of email marketing is its versatility: you can reach any audience working in any industry and having any interests. Whether you need to address new parents or CEOs of retail businesses, you can leverage this instrument and expect a great response.

    There are other metrics besides financial that exist to measure the performance of email campaigns. With their help, you can track the efficiency and success of your campaigns in any stage of the campaign and add necessary changes.

    And of course, when done right and especially when included in a decent sales funnel, bulk email campaigns will drive a rise in conversions, leads, sales, and consequently, revenues.

    How much does an email campaign cost

    The cost of advantages that email marketing brings to your business is not so high. The majority of your expenses will consist of an email software fee and email manager compensation. Most likely, you won’t need to invest in any additional promo materials or other solutions, and the outcome will exceed spending many times. 

    To achieve such results, you should choose the right bulk email marketing software. To choose the most suitable solution for you, you can try free email blast services and ensure their quality. When you find a reliable software for your purposes, you can buy its full version.

    Why choose Atomic Software? 

    Use bulk email software for email marketing such as Atomic Mail Sender and build an effective campaign with the help of our software. Our software has many advantages that help to create mass mailing campaigns. For example, Atomic Mail Sender has the ability to send unlimited messages and free design templates. With the help of this software, it is easy to set up personalization. 

    Using personalized email newsletters increases clients’ loyalty because everyone likes to feel personal uniqueness. And thanks to segmentation also you can easy to set up an Atomic Mail Sender you can send different offers to different segments.

    To double the effectiveness of email marketing check email addresses online to have a clean email list.

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