Atomic email and SMS text messaging tools

We develop software and services for bulk email marketing and also for bluetooth and SMS-text messaging in the following categories:

E-mail Marketing:

- Atomic Email Studio
- Bulk Email Sender with Email Tracker
- Email Extractors, Data Collectors
- Mailing Lists Management tools

Mobile Marketing

- Send SMS online

E-mail Marketing

Since electronic mail still remains very popular among various groups of marketers, our tool suite combining Atomic best selling programs for e-mail marketing makes it easy for you to effectively reach your clients, business partners and prospects:

Atomic Email Studio

  • Atomic Email Studio is an all-in-one e-mail marketing solution for efficient and comprehensive online promotion.

Bulk Email Sender and Email Tracker

One of the best Internet marketing resources is electronic mail. Our tools make it easy for you to send e-mail newsletters and monitor e-mail campaigns:

  • Atomic Mail Sender is a powerful software for a bulk opt-in emailing. Launch the program, write your message, select a mailing list generated by Email Hunter. The number of recipients is unlimited, unsubscribe option is available.
  • Monitor your e-mail campaign delivery with a web-based module with Atomic Mail Tracker.

E-mail Extractors, Data Collectors

Atomic e-mail address extraction utilities perform fast and are very reliable. You can generate new mailing lists using the following tools:

  • Atomic Email Hunter an email extractor that allows you to search specific e-mails from websites. Enter a valid URL into a search window and Atomic Email Hunter will generate a list of all available e-mail addresses in a matter of minutes.
  • Atomic Email Logger helps you to search through files stored on your hard drive and extracts found e-mail addresses.
  • Atomic WHOIS Explorer also known as Atomic Email WHOIS Collector can process hundreds of domain names per minute and create targeted mailing lists of domain owners.

Mailing Lists Management Tools

We have a variety of sophisticated tools that allow you to manage bulk mailing lists.

  • Atomic E-mail Verifier module keeps your mailing lists organized and up-to-date. The software checks your mailing lists and automatically removes all non-existing e-mail addresses. Launch it every time before starting to send mass mail to save time and bandwidth!
  • Atomic Verifier Online an online subscription based service verifying the validity of e-mail addresses in mailing lists.
  • Atomic List Manager a mail list management solution designed to split and merge lists, sort e-mails to exclude duplicates, invalid or free e-mails, and personalize your lists. This is just a must have tool for both bulk and viral email marketing!
  • Atomic List Manager Online - a web-based service for processing mailing lists.

Mobile Marketing

We offer SMS messaging and Bluetooth marketing software for targeted mobile marketing as alternative methods of promotion other than e-mail:

  • Atomic SMS Sender new! is a SMS messaging online service allowing for a single or bulk SMS messages to be sent out from the Internet to cell phones delivering messages in a matter of seconds!