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    Do you wonder “is there an app to send mass text messages”? Then you’ve just found the answer to this question. Atomic SMS is a free soft for sending bulk text messages (SMS) via the Internet. Just install the bulk text messaging app and start sending bulk text messages from a computer, laptop. Use our mass text message app to send mass text messages through Atomic SMS Sender Gateway at an incredible speed.

    Start your campaign with the quick registration on the Atomic SMS Sender service. The price of sending mass SMS is equal to the online SMS sender rates.

    Why sending SMS text from computer?

    If you think you are connecting with your audience through all possible channels, check if SMS from computer is among them. This tool is underestimated by many marketers; however, it may bring great results within your marketing mix. You may use this channel for both advertising and informational purposes quite effectively.

    • Remind customers of your company.
      With the help of SMS, you may inform the client about anything asap. A new promotion or special offer, tell about the opening of a store or the new product launch. In addition by directly informing them about a particular subject, you also remind the person of your company. If a client made a purchase some time ago, and then disappeared, such a notification will help him/her remind of you and return.
    • Increase awareness.
    • You may also send messages in a targeted manner, according to the base of people who do not yet know about your products, but would probably like to do it. It's also more about the public relations intentions and communication on a day-to day basis, etc.

    • Collect feedback.
    • No progress without feedback. Via SMS, you may also ask to leave feedback on the purchased product or share your wishes. Just be sure to indicate that the reply message for the client will be free. Send sms from computer to automate the process.

    • Send a gift.
    • Congratulate the client on his birthday or on public holidays, just go beyond words. Getting wishes for health and love from a brand is not quite what birthday people expect. Attach a limited-time discount or coupon code.

    • Inform about important things.
    • Send free sms from pc to mobile worldwide to remind the customers that, for example, their subscription to your service ends in a few days or they have unfinished purchases in their shop carts, etc. They will appreciate the care and complete their activity.

      It's reasonable to launch messaging with a certain marketing goal. As well as expect a lot from it at once. At the start, think about why you need it. Either you want to return your investment by increasing sales from this channel, or brand awareness will be enough. So, remind yourself and increase it.

      Free bulk SMS sending software from pc to mobile may offer you to choose the best conditions for any SMS messaging. Almost all of them offer mailing launch services. The range of prices varies, but the main features are the same for almost everyone. Discover their features and go ahead with your text campaigns!

    Main features of Mass SMS Software

    • Send both individual and bulk SMS messages
    • Dynamic alphanumeric sender’s name. You are free to use any telephone number or your company’s name as the sender (SpecialOffer, BestCompany, YourBoss, 156493028437 etc.)
    • The mass group text app provides detailed reports with all necessary statistics on each SMS campaign: total distribution, the number of delivered and undelivered messages, and those waiting to be delivered.
    • Easy balance checking
    • Ability to start bulk text messaging software when you start Windows
    • This mass text application is portable: copy and carry the distribution SMS sender software on any computer.

    Advantages of Atomic Bulk SMS Sender

    • The mass text messaging app is easy-to-use and convenient interface
    • Simple installation and configuration: all you need is to log in Atomic SMS Sender service (register it beforehand)
    • Easy to customize and run your mass SMS campaigns
    • Atomic mass texting app is free: you only pay for sent SMS messages

    Atomic Mass Texting Software Screenshots

    After installing the bulk message sender, enter your account data (registration email and password). If you still do not have an account, please signup.

    To modify, click on More Options link of the Settings window. Here you can change the language, see available updates, specify the report's configuration, status checking, and many other features of the mass text app.

    You can start a new campaign in the main SMS menu. Just fill in your name field, enter recipients’ telephone numbers and text message content. And bulk texting app is ready for SMS campaign.

    Atomic mass SMS app fits all requirements of your marketing. Send bulk text messages all over the world quickly and easily as never before!

    Download bulk SMS free app demo version and use the free mass text app for 7 days!

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