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There are two main ways to create a database: subscribing customers to mailing lists and searching for new leads on net or any other resources. So, if you choose to scrap lead, you will need a reliable contact extracting solution that will perfectly fit your marketing strategy.

Email Extractor is a program that may extract the addresses of mails from various types of media. Even CDs, DVDs, the Internet, files on your computer, and so on. Many people think getting new mails may be somehow limited to the Internet. In fact, it's not quite so, since it is really possible to extract addresses from any kind of media.

Atomic mass mail software lead extractor is made for proactive marketers who want to quickly find leads for their business. To start a search, you can:

  • Enter URLs of webpages that may contain contact information. So, the phone number extractor will parse contacts from website you've chosen.
  • Type a keyword. In this case, the software will find the relevant websites by itself and extract phone numbers from them.
phone number extractor

Search and extract phone numbers etc. within website(s) with our cell phone extractor

Enter the URLs of websites you're interested in, and Atomic Lead Extractor will search through the websites and extract contact information from them. Our lead extractor can also extract information from websites that require authentication. Another important feature of Atomic Lead Extractor is that this phone number extractor parses information not only from text. It can extract emails encoded with Javascript. You may also find phone number by email address for free with our cell phone extractor!

Keyword Search with Atomic phone number extractor

This lead search type is similar to the previous option, but Atomic Lead Extractor will use your preferred search engine (42 available) to find pages shown in the search results; visit those pages; and extract phone number and other contact information from them.

After saving the results of the searches into a Microsoft Office/OpenOffice or text file, you can start working on your leads. Atomic Lead Extractor saves the URL where the contact information was found, so you can always check the prospect's website for additional information about them or their company.

You can export emails directly to Atomic Mail Sender to run a mass mail campaign. Atomic SMS Sender is a good way to send bulk SMS messages to your contacts.

Atomic Lead Extractor will search for email addresses by default. If you want to extract phone numbers, Skype names, and other Instant Messenger IDs, you need plugins.

Download phone number extractor online and use it for free for 7 days.


Atomic Lead Extractor Screenshots

Click on any contact extractor screenshot to enlarge. Screenshot of a large size will be opened in the current window. Look through the main features of phone number extractor from website.

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phone extractor

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How to use Atomic Lead Extractor?

You should have the Internet connection to use phone number extractor from website. Install the program, run it. Then specify the keywords or add the URLs you need and click 'Start'.

How can I set search engines?

For example, if you live in USA, phone number extractor from website can be set for searching only for US websites. For this, choose 'Search engines' on the panel at the top of the window and put a tick opposite the 'Google US' option.

Can I get phone number extractor from website freeware?

There is a demo version. So, you can download phone number extractor from website freeware software. A free phone number extractor from website is active during 7 days after installation.