Atomic Email Logger

Atomic Email Logger (EML) is an email extractor from text, an email harvester designed to search through files stored on your hard drive and extract email addresses.

Do you know that your hard disk may contain thousands of email addresses that you're missing out? These addresses can be found in Program Files, the Internet browser cache, Outlook’s “personal” folder and many other places—but if you don’t compile them, these resources go unused. Satisfied customers tell us that they have found 3,000 to 10,000 fresh addresses searching Temporary Internet files alone. How many addresses are YOU losing?

With our email harvester you can extract thousands of addresses with our emails address finder without having to connect to the Internet!

Gathered email addresses can be saved to a text file, clipboard or any MS Office application.

The program implements advanced search algorithms. The results are fantastic!

Plugins for the Atomic Email Logger

The main advantage of Atomic Email Logger over competitors is the program’s ability to harvest email addresses from any file types using plugin technology. To do this, you can use Atomic solutions or plugins developed by other companies.

Currently, you can use the following Atomic plugins to harvest more email addresses:

Mailbox Hunter plugin extracts email addresses from mailboxes.

This extension for Atomic Email Logger is actually an email address extractor from Outlook, Outlook Express, Eudora, IncrediMail and The Bat. It shows the names of all mailboxes in all email programs installed on your machine. You choose some of them and click OK. In a few minutes, you'll receive a list of email addresses extracted from the selected mailboxes.

PST File Processing plugin  
opens Outlook PST files and harvests email addresses and usernames.

MS Outlook stores email messages and addresses in compressed PST files. These files cannot be read by Atomic Email Logger directly like other plaintext files. The only way to read information from PST archives is to use the PST File Processing plugin. The current version of the program supports such Outlook versions: XP, 2000, 2002, 2003, 2007 and 2010

CSV Reader/Parser plugin parses CSV files and reads structured data from them

Like spreadsheets (MS Excel, Quattro Pro, OpenOffice), CSV files store data in rows and columns. CSVs can be viewed as text files. You can also preview and edit all the records at your own risk. However, by using CSV Parser Plugin, you can view and import any fields from CSV files.

Archive Processing plugin decompresses ZIP, RAR and ACE files and extracts data.

When you extract any information from compressed ZIP or RAR files, you have to unpack them manually. It takes some time. Moreover, different archive files need different programs for unpacking. The Archive Processing plugin for Atomic Email Logger can quickly, easily and automatically extract information from all the popular archives files— WinZIPWinRARACE and GZ. Password-protected files are also supported.

Atomic Email Logger plugins are not freeware, but you can order them together with Atomic Mail Logger or separately.


As some files can contain "dead" or invalid email addresses, we recommend that you verify gathered emails for validity. To broadcast messages, you can use Atomic Mail Sender software. We also recommend taking a look at Atomic Email Studio—our all-in-one email marketing solution.


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