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    PHP Script For Tracking Newsletter

    Atomic Email Tracker is a web based service for monitoring newsletter efficiency. Using it, you know how many people actually read newsletter, click link in messages, georaphical distribution, etc. More detailed information is available here. Using it, you know how many people actually read newsletter. You can read here how it works.

    Usually, Atomic Email Tracker works on our server and you only subscribe to the service. By the way, you may use tracking scripts on your own webserver.

    • Scripts leasing
      In this option all scripts will be located on our server, you subscribe for access to statistics only. On your website you have to install a free small PHP script, which will transmit data from your server to our server. So, everything will look like you track the newsletter yourself. The cost of leasing is only ₴ 120 / month (or ₴ 650 / year). Subscription is available here.

      For this option you need a web site with PHP 3 only, no MySQL of other additinal services are required. PHP script for installation on your service is available here.