How to extract emails from Facebook with Atomic Email Hunter

    According to Statista, there are currently 2.96 billion active users on Facebook. This makes the social media platform a huge source of potential prospects for businesses. 

    The idea of building a database for your business from Facebook is very reasonable because now, almost every person has a profile on this social network. You can easily get the contact details of the people that matter to your business using specific demographics, interests, and behaviors. 

    These features make it a breeze to scrape emails from the social network platform because you can easily find your target group. Best of all, with an email extractor tool such as Atomic Email Hunter, you can extract real emails from Facebook and other sources, providing your business with an enormous database of customers to engage with.

    What is Facebook email extractor?

    This is a tool that lets you easily and quickly get e-mail addresses from Facebook profiles, groups, pages, and even posts with the click of a button. You can build your mailing list this way and get started with your marketing campaign.

    A simple guide for extracting emails from Facebook

    The following are steps that will help you boost your mailing list from Facebok.

    Use the built-in free Facebook Plugin

    The free built-in Facebook plugin in Atomic email hunter will help you to find your target audience among millions of users and get detailed contact information about each of your potential clients. You can also use it to collect email addresses of all your Facebook friends in 10 seconds.

    Using it is as simple as clicking the corresponding button on the program toolbar, signing in to your Facebook account, clicking the "Find people" button, and typing in the keywords you want to search for. Your choice will be automatically saved for next time.

    The tool will first extract the users' profiles that correspond to the criteria you set.

    Next, go to the "Get emails" button and collect their contact data like name, e-mail address, information about the previous and current job, company name, etc.

    Scrape with Atomic Email Hunter

    Scrape emails from Facebook with Atomic Email Hunter

    Fire up your Atomic email hunter, then select the "Search in the list" option from the "Search" menu to target specific web pages for extraction.

    Copy and paste the URLs of the pages you are working on into the opened program window and click "OK". The software will quickly build a list with e-mail addresses and the names of their owners.

    Use the Advanced Search Wizard 

    This option gives you more possibilities to find relevant contacts according to your query. For example, if you need a database of Marketing Managers on all the Facebook pages, click on the Advanced Search Wizard or the “More options” button, then choose the “Search email addresses on a website by keywords” extraction type. 

    You will be surprised and impressed by the results. See the images below for example.

    To extract email from Facebook and create your database using our program is very easy. It shows only the first 12 addresses in the unregistered version but when you are working with the registered version, you can get hundreds of addresses and save all the search results into a local file. 

    We highly recommend using the registered version. To make a more specific search like people in the same geographical location, job description, or age group, you need to specify a keyword or hunting depth level in the Facebook group email extractor. Our extractor tool gives these benefits.

    Use the Facebook email scraper

    This fourth option is suitable for those people who would like to create a huge database from Facebook immediately. Watch the video below and you will find detailed information on how to use the email scraper.

    The number of Facebook users increases every day. There are more activities, fan pages, personal profiles interest groups, and events where you can find your target groups, leads, or future clients. Users' data can be gathered from all of these sources and can be used for targeted campaigns. 

    Interested in learning more about how to extract emails from Facebook? You're on the right page.

    Atomic Email Hunter can extract contact information from various Facebook groups and pages, not just friends and followers from your network. It is also the perfect tool to extract email from files

    Atomic Email Hunter can extract contact information from various Facebook groups

    Overall, this software can be a powerful tool for businesses seeking to extract Facebook emails and reach out to their target market. Now, you can build and grow your customer base using our Facebook email extractor tool. 

    Take the first step towards building a database of the people that matter to your business today. Don't wait any longer. Get our extractor tool and start enjoying all its benefits. Click here to download the program.

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