How to Collect Email Addresses of all Your Facebook Friends in 10 Seconds

    by Paul Shuteyev

    Exporting Facebook contacts

    Does your target audience use popular social networks? Then a gold mine of addresses for the list for mass add emails is Facebook. So, today we will share some ways of how to get email from Facebook.

    How to export Facebook friends email list?

    Firstly, we would like to provide with an old, but still a good trick on how to legally collect emails of all your friends on Facebook. This is finding Facebook friends email with the help of special services. It takes less than a minute. Just search Facebook emails and export them! Here is a step-by-step instruction on how to find friends email on Facebook in a few seconds:

    1. Go to This website is capable of exporting friends emails.
    2. Click on the Facebook Icon and allow Yahoo to import all the contacts from Facebook. Or go to Tools → Import → Facebook. This will also make possible exporting contacts from Facebook.
    3. Now you have the real emails of all your Facebook-friends (not emails, but real ones!). So, as you see, the answer to the question “how to find your friend’s email address on Facebook” is very simple.
    4. You can now easily download Facebook contacts as .CSV file by pressing Tools → Export → .CSV. And that’s all. Now you know a great lifehack on getting mass email list from Facebook. This is how to find friends email on Facebook.

    Find friends’ email on Facebook is easy. But remember that if you need to put your hands on a large list of emails check out our email extractor that is the great solution of the question of how to find an email from Facebook profile.

    This is how you can 100% legally extract all the emails for your bulk marketing needs. But except of the search for a friends’ email addresses, there are some other ways of how to find Facebook email address.

    How to collect emails from Facebook: Atomic Email Hunter knows how to get email from Facebook

    Social media is an essential part of our life. Having no Facebook page seems a bit strange today in the century of computer technology and the Internet. We write messages, post photos, add comments… and leave contacts to be contacted any time. Thus, scanning Facebook you can find a lot of your leads’ and customers’ email addresses. And now we will give you one more piece of advice on how to extract email addresses from Facebook groups and profiles.

    When it comes to getting a contact list from Facebook groups that spark your interest, there is nothing better than Atomic Email Hunter. Instead of sitting from early morning till late at night copying email addresses from Facebook fan pages, profiles and groups manually, you can just click a few software buttons and get a result. Do you like such a quick way of how to extract email addresses from Facebook pages? If yes, then read further, and find out the details on how to collect email addresses from Facebook.

    Discovering the Facebook extraction, pay attention that there are 2 ways to extract emails from Facebook pages and Facebook groups.

    • Search through Facebook for emails in the list of URLs

    Benefit: targeted search within the specified web pages.

    You specify the list of URLs that you have chosen into the Atomic Email Hunter dialog window (option ‘Search – Search in list’) and click OK. After a short time you will get a list of email addresses and the names of their owners. Easy! This is a great way of how to find the email address of a Facebook profile.

    How to get email from Facebook

    • Keyword search

    Benefit: crawling email addresses from all the Facebook pages corresponding to your keyword theme

    This is a good way to search contacts when you do not know the necessary URLs. Atomic Email Hunter scans each Facebook social page and scrapes all available email addresses. Use the option ‘Search – Search on site’, write and add your keyword.


    Atomic Email Hunter accomplishes the specified task easily and quickly. If you work with a registered program, you can save the search results into a local file. (Note that saving search results does not work in the unregistered version.) Furthermore, there are additional search options that you can use for a detailed search. For example, you can select search engines and specify a keyword or hunting depth level. Use these benefits to collect a bunch of email addresses within the same age group or same geographic area.

    FAQ on how to find email addresses on Facebook

    How to find email address from Facebook profile?

    Use the instruction on how to find friend’s email on Facebook from this article and use the website It will let you find email from Facebook profile of your friends. If you don’t want to extract emails of your friends, but just to find as many addresses from Facebook as possible, then you need to use another way.

    How to extract email addresses from Facebook group?

    Use Atomic Email Hunter for this. The feature of extracting the emails from certain URL is appropriate for this. Just enter the link to the Facebook group you need, and the software will extract all the emails. The detailed instruction on how to use it is placed previously in the article.

    How to extract email addresses from Facebook?

    If you don’t have the list of the groups or profiles, use the search by keyword feature in Atomic Email Hunter program. The detailed tutorial on how to collect email addresses from Facebook by keywords is placed previously in this article.

    How much time will it take to find email address from Facebook profile?

    It will take you less than a minute.

    How to find Facebook friends by email?

    Sometimes you need to get the addresses of the friends, but other times vica versa, find in the social network the people whose emails you have. If you want to add your target audience on Facebook, find friends by email, add them, and they will see the social media posts you are creating. The search for Facebook friends by emails is very easy. Just enter the address to the search bar in this social network, and you will get the result. Then you can click on the name to go to profile and send a friend request.

    Now you know how to enrich your mass email list using Facebook. Parse addresses from the social network for free for 7 days with a demo of Atomic Email Hunter!


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